2015 – what have I been playing?

It is usual at this time of year for gaming bloggers to review their year of gaming. I kind of wish I had installed Raptr or some other gaming platform to keep track of detailed stats of what I played and for how long. But I’ve never seen much value in gaming social platforms like that since I happily use Skype or Battle.Net to talk with friends while gaming.

Other than attempting to extract and record detailed /played data from each character in each game, the one record I do have is this blog. It’s far from perfect in this regard since I report news about games I’m not playing at the moment. Still here’s a summary of the posts I’ve made by game for 2015.


This first chart is pretty dominated by the misc and multi categories. I do write quite a lot of comparative posts covering two or more games. The misc category is a catchall for anything not about specific games. Taking those two categories out shows a clearer picture of the posts I’ve done about the games I’ve been playing.


In this second chart I excluded the two meta categories (misc and multi) and also any games with less than four posts for the whole year – two posts in a whole year about the Heart of Thorns expansion doesn’t equal any game time in Guild Wars 2.

I can see from this the dominance of TSW and FFXIV in the first half of the year. I can also see the resurgence of play in WoW and SWTOR in the latter half. There’s the Summer fling in Wildstar and our late Summer stints in Shadowrun Chronicles. It’s certainly been a year of expansions and returning to older classic MMOs for me. Nothing new has grabbed me bar the coop Shadowrun as mentioned. I’ve tried to immerse myself in ESO  and Wildstar but it seems neither has the right mix of ingredients to keep me hooked for long.

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