SWTOR: dark-side dilemma

I realised recently in Star Wars The Old Republic that I have no solo character that is properly on the Dark Side in the game’s alignment system. To be honest it isn’t something I’m normally attracted to playing, but when I was trying to decide who to play in a recent session I realised that there was a gap to fill there. The reason why this came up was that for my second run through of the new KotFE expansion content I wanted to be able to select as radically different a path as possible. That didn’t fit with my 95% Light Side Trooper and certainly not with my über Light Side Jedi Sage.

My Sage = 100% good

My Sage = 100% good

My Bounty Hunter is mostly Dark Side in a matter of fact way, he’s not without compassion but will do almost anything to get the job done. But that character is part of a leveling trio that we may well be returning to in the new year so I didn’t want to progress him alone. Otherwise I have a fresh Sith Sorceror that would be too much of a gameplay clone of my old Jedi Sage main.


The one class pair I haven’t played much of yet is the Smuggler/Agent. So in order to do something different and to have a proper dark-side option I’ve rolled a new Imperial Agent to play. It’ll take a while to get him to the KotFE content but that’s a bonus as it’ll not be so fresh in my mind by then. I have one character at the new max level already to do the new monthly content releases on and that’s enough.


If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my recent time in WoW, it’s not always an advantage to have several characters at the cap at least if you want to play them all actively. So as well as playing new content on my Jedi Shadow, I’ll be leveling back through the old content on a new, cold-hearted and efficient Agent.

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  1. Shintar says:

    I’m curious to see how you like the new, more “streamlined” levelling experience – to me it feels extremely fast. With the current double XP event in honour of Force Awakens, it’s got to be pretty crazy.

    • Telwyn says:

      From what I’ve played so far it does seem a bit breakneck speed, I had forgotten about the double bonus mind. I’ll certainly not need to repeat any of the side missions.

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