Death by Lag Monster

Over the years I’ve read several threads about just how bad lag can get in LoTRO. Although it is not solely a more recent problem, the mounted combat added to the game in the Riders of Rohan expansion is often identified by players as a major culprit.

The lag-monster waits out there in the grasslands...

The lag-monster waits out there in the grasslands…

Last night I decided to do some leisurely questing in the game while streaming the first episode of The Man in the High Castle. In general the game played well enough while the TV was displayed full screen on my second monitor. I’m used to the odd hitch or lag-spike when in combat or when a quest completes in LoTRO even when playing with nothing else running in the background.

However the lag suddenly was so much worse than normal when in mounted combat. I would stutter around trying to chase orc riders that were teleporting forward or backward from their current positions. Several times skills didn’t execute because I wasn’t as close as it appeared at that moment – I learned to cope with this by deliberately pressing the buttons slightly earlier than I normally would. The worst moment was when circling a worg-riding scout in the Fallows area and my well-timed swerve to avoid a cliff-edge wasn’t so well timed…


As I came out of the swerve my character and mount reversed suddenly and then in an instant I was knelt defeated on the ground below looking at the cliff face.


It was annoying to deal with as a player of the game, but interesting to have experienced finally from the blogger’s perspective. Clearly mounted combat in the game is pushing some limit of the engine, the system and/or my internet connection. Perhaps next time I’ll try streaming on a different device…

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  1. tsuhelm says:

    I found mounted combat to be a real drag full stop!

    I heard from those that played when Rohan came out that having a group was quite fun but now those vast fields are mostly empty…

    My lv85 RK is battling to complete Rohan delayed massively by slow server mergers and now a complete absence of computer! (OW!)

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