Virtual festivities

Although it’s still over a week to Christmas the virtual festivities are beginning in force in MMORPGs. Frostfell began in EQ2 on the 10th December.



My studies and travel with my husband have kept us away from gaming the last two years. Reading about the many delights of Frostfell on Baghpuss’ blog, I’m really looking forward to giving the festival some time this year. In particular I like the look of the armour, my newer main character (the Shadowknight) is an armourer by tradeskill so I want to get to grips with making something festive again this year.

Although I’ve looked online I can’t find any concrete details about the Yule festival for LOTRO in 2015. I presume, based on wiki details of previous years, that it will be starting this coming week. According to a random guild forum post (in French) it starts on the 15th December. It’s rather apt that my character has just reached Wildermore, a land covered in snow, in time for Christmas.


So this year I’m hoping to find the time, amid family parties and trips to the cinema, to get some festival gaming under the belt!


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