TSW: Issue 13 before “end of the year”

I’ve not been tracking The Secret World updates as diligently of late as the upcoming Issues seemed to be of no real interest. We did log in during the Hallowe’en event to get some missions done but since that we’ve been busy in other games. So it was with mild surprise and some delight that I read, over at Massively, that there will be new story missions added in Issue 14!

The article mentions that the update with the missions is due before the “end of the year” according to a quoted developer live stream. Since the Krampus Christmas festival is to follow “soon after that” I would hope this means the missions will be out possibly before Christmas Day even?

The thought of new story missions for The Secret World is always exciting as they are very well crafted. However two of our trio, myself and our healer, still haven’t invested the time in respeccing and gearing enough to get past a blockage in the Kaiden storyline (the Nightmare in the Dream Palace mission) – we became stuck back in the summer and hadn’t returned to the game at all up until the week of Hallowe’en. Perhaps having had a break from the game I’ll feel motivated enough to make it past this mission this time around.


[edit: to correct the update number references; thanks for the heads-up on this mistake]

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  1. I’m definitely excited for more content! I’m still kinda newb-ish to the game, though. Just finishing out Blue Mountains for the first time, so I took advantage of the Black Friday Ultimate Edition sale. Super pumped to get through more content and check out some of the PVP changes they’re implementing in Issue 13.

  2. Haffle says:

    That’s great news indeed, new story missions are the best things I look forward to in TSW! Also if I may ask, which part of the Dream Palace mission are you stuck at currently?

    • Meznir says:

      Telwyn is stuck on Beaumont and I’m stuck on Mara. The annoying thing is that if you die too many times you have to leave the mission to repair – and it resets back to Beaumont. Neither of us were doing enough dps to get through our bits (though I think I need to get out of the damage faster – but the aforementioned issue means I don’t get enough practice on it before having it reset on me). The frustration with this mission led us to quit TSW for a break. We have both upgraded a few items though and gained a few more points in our Tokyo gear (it’s been so long, I’ve forgotten what they’re called) so we should probably just try again soon and see if we can push through this blockage.

      • Sylow says:

        What you want are AE capacitors. Last time i checked was a few months ago, and with the exception of the highest QL their price in the auction house was close to zero. By now they can be disassembled for research data, so i guess their price might have increased a little, but i’d still expect plenty to be for sale for a reasonable price.

        That being said, i keep finding and disassembling them, in case you checked the auction house in game and found nothing, let me know. I can save up a few in case of need.

      • Telwyn says:

        Thanks for the offer Sylow but I doubt we’ll make headway on this for the run up to Christmas, it’ll have to be an early 2016 project I fear.

  3. It’s actually issue #13, not #14. #14 is still a ways off and was hinted to add more content to the launch zones.

    But yes, it’s good news. I had expected issue #13 to be a non-event for me, being “the PvP issue,” but a new storyline? I’m there. I might even spring for the collector’s edition, since it’s got some Ricky Pagan swag.

    • Sylow says:

      Thank you. I just started doubting my numbers skills… 😉

      But yes, a “only PvP” issue would’ve been the very one i wouldn’t have spent money on, not even my free GM points. Since there will be story i will buy it and the CE edition even.

    • Telwyn says:

      Thanks for catching that Tyler. The linked article went on to talk a bit about hints for 14 and of course my addled brain latched onto that..

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