WoW: Dungeon nostalgia

I’m becoming bored with the current content in World of Warcraft, so we’ve started playing some lower level characters to have a break from Draenor and garrisons. One trio of characters are leveling through the 60s, mainly by running the Burning Crusade era dungeons. These dungeons are particularly memorable for me as Outlands was the culmination of the first “journey to cap” that I experienced in this game.


Playing Mana Tombs, Auchenai Crypts and Sethek Halls in the last session we took our trio (warrior tank, feral druid DPS and my resto druid healer) through these three dungeons several times. The changes to the game mechanics and stats over time have really neutered this old content quite badly. Some opponents have abilities that you have to watch out for (e.g. “the Time-Lost Controllers” in the Crypts have mind control) but otherwise a single DPS-specced character can output so much damage that you really only need a trinity of three characters to storm through the content at a decent speed. As the healer I was often free to lay down some area damage with my hurricane spell since my three heal-over-time spells alone were enough (bar the odd accidental over-pull) to keep health bars topped up.

Some opponents have tricks up their sleeve even now...

Some opponents have tricks up their sleeve even now…

Although the remembered challenge of these dungeons does not match their modern incarnations, what hasn’t changed for me is the beauty of the designs and lore of these dungeons. I really love the Burning Crusade expansion for its content.


Even more than the otherworldly zone designs, I was entranced by the peoples of Outlands; the stoic Draenei, the shadowy Arakkoa and the mysterious Ethereals. Sometimes I’m just happy to forget about challenge and to immerse myself in a heady mix of nostalgia and treasured memories as I play. I’ve read quite a lot of blog posts about the Everquest progression servers of late, well for me playing old WoW content is the closest to that I can experience on the game’s official servers.


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