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My 2015 blogging highlights

As I have done in previous years, I’ll take this moment to review the year of blogging and to highlight some of my favourite blog posts of the year. January I was away for the first half of January 2015 … Continue reading

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SWTOR: feeling motivated

Over the Christmas holiday I’ve ended up seeing the new Star Wars film (The Force Awakens) not once, but twice. We rarely go to the cinema at all these days so it’s doubly unusual to have seen a film two … Continue reading

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Tempting you online at Christmas

During the busiest days of the holiday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, gaming had to take a backseat. That said there has been an extra incentive, in at least one game, to get online and do some questing; Everquest 2 … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas for 2015

Wishing all my readers a very, very Merry Christmas today!   Happy Holidays!

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Different approaches to Festive content

From the delving I’ve done so far, there seem to be a few distinct approaches by different MMORPGs to their Christmas/Festive events. I’m playing sessions in the mornings mostly before family arrives or other activities start so time is limited; … Continue reading

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LoTRO 2016 plans

The Executive Producer has posted an update on the official website outlining in brief the plans for next years developments for LoTRO. I’ve popped back into the game to finally get around to properly exploring the Festive event of Yule. … Continue reading

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2015 – what have I been playing?

It is usual at this time of year for gaming bloggers to review their year of gaming. I kind of wish I had installed Raptr or some other gaming platform to keep track of detailed stats of what I played … Continue reading

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