Glorious Skyboxes – IntPiPoMo 2015 (5)

For my last post for International Picture Posting Month 2015, I’m going to return to a favourite topic of mine, the skyboxes that frame our adventures in MMORPGs. Here’s a selection of some glorious skyboxes after the break.

World of Warcraft


Cloud patterns in WoW are often dramatic and animated

Lord of the Rings Online


Reflected glory in Everdim

Everquest 2


The skybox can be below your feet as well as above…

Star Wars the Old Republic


Theatening skies over Tatooine

Final Fantasy 14

Glorious sunset

Glorious sunset


Rings of nexus

Rings of Nexus

Star Trek Online


Holographic skybox on a grand scale in “Darkness Before the Dawn”

Elder Scrolls Online

Ashen skies over Stonefalls

Ashen skies over Stonefalls

Dungeons & Dragons Online

Airship over the Stormreach Marketplace

Airship over the Stormreach Marketplace

That’s my fifty screenshots for the #IntPiPoMo 2015 completed. It was very pleasurable, if time-consuming, to browse through so many screenshots and so many happy gaming memories.

I’ll close with my thanks to Chestnut over at Gamer Girl Confessions, it’s been a fun initiative to be a part of and to follow!


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One Response to Glorious Skyboxes – IntPiPoMo 2015 (5)

  1. I always loved the skies in Aion. The world for that game is actually kind of a “hollow Earth” situation, so the lights in the night sky are actually the towns and cities of your opposing faction. Really neat.

    WoW has some gorgeous skies, too. Love the northern lights in the Storm Peaks, and much as I dislike Draenor, it’s skies are some serious eye candy.

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