Black Friday came and went

I bought nothing yesterday as part of the sales that are now omnipresent in the UK, an imported sale event without the cultural context it has in the USA. There’s no new games I currently want to buy and I have so, so much to do in the existing games I’m already playing.

That’s not to say I’m spending no money on MMORPGs at present, I have two active subscriptions or periods of game-time. I’m subbed in World of Warcraft, and not likely to make enough money to buy a WoW token anytime soon as I’m not prepared to dig into the Garrison grind that far. I think I’m also coming to the end of my interest in all things Orcish, once I have a second character to 100 I’ll unsub again and await Legion’s pre-event.

How many garrisons is too many?

How many garrisons is too many?

I’m currently subbed to Everquest 2, well to Daybreak’s All Access subscription. It’s may well be a good deal to fans of their games but beyond EQ2 there’s no other Daybreak games I play or have any interest in, so my periods of subscription are always brief when I happen to be in the mood to push towards the cap a bit more. In the later levels, especially the 90s, it seems pretty mandatory to be subscribed to level since non-subscribers have the AA slider locked at 50% – so non-subscriber characters level at half speed effectively.


Reminded by Wilhelm at the TAGN blog that I should log in regularly to LOTRO to claim my virtual coin stipend, I logged over there and considered buying the latest expansion. But then I realised that there hasn’t been an expansion since Helm’s Deep (Nov 2013), which I already bought some time ago.

Awaiting orders in Rohan

Awaiting orders in Rohan

So this year at least I’m happy to keep the credit card in my wallet and carry on with my many gaming projects. I suppose there’s a chance on Cyber Monday some unmissable deal may tempt me to change my mind…

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  1. bhagpuss says:

    I actually think having the aa/xp slider locked at 50% should be the default for all account levels until at least the mid-90s. Prior to F2P I always neglected my AAs in favor of regular leveling and it was only when I started again on Freeport as a Silver Member with the 50/50 lock in effect that I discovered what a really huge difference having your AAs keep pace with your levels makes.

    I miss Silver Membership. It was the best payment model they ever came up with from a player’s point of view. It was too good, though, which is, I guess, why they stopped it.

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