Mobs I hate – IntPiPoMo 2015 (4)

As I’ve discussed in a recent post combat is pretty central to most MMORPG gaming. The enemies, monsters and critters our characters face every session can be scary, challenging, surpising or, sometimes, just plain annoying. There are some creatures I just love to hate in the games I have played. Here’s my fourth helping for International Picture Posting Month 2015. Fair warning, if you have any phobias, particularly of critters, you might want to skip this post…

Jumping spiders, DDO


Possibly the scariest virtual arachnid ever, these things jump AT YOUR FACE!

Ak’ab, TSW

These charging, knock-you-down, mutant-moth things are infamous in The Secret World for just being a royal pain in the behind to fight.

Knights of Zalkir, SWTOR


The Knights are tough opponents in the new SWTOR expansion. They use a lot of crowd control abilities on you and your companion and often come in pairs just to double down on the pain of fighting them.

Fel Reavers (Hellfire peninsula), WoW


These gigantic creatures haunted my even step in Hellfire Peninsula back in the day. I was playing on an aging Macbook with a weak on-board graphics card. So I had every graphics setting dialed down including view-distance. I’d hear a Fel Reaver before I saw it suddenly appear very close-by, which often half-scared me to death!

Worg riders, LOTRO



Worg riders were particularly annoying in Moria as they are fast, patrol around a lot and have a ranged bow attack. They can be tricksy to fight on a melee character especially in halls crowded with other orcs or goblins eager to lend them a helping hand.

Infected Gangers, SR



In our early experience of Shadowrun Chronicles we dreaded fighting these mutant warriors. They have a very nasty machine gun attack that hits a wide cone for lethal damage. Slay them or stun them before they get a chance to blast your team to shreds!

Beholders, Neverwinter


Few creatures are as dangerous as a beholder in Dungeons & Dragons. In Neverwinter they are nasty with a lot of high damage attacks to avoid. The pictured Ice Wind Dale monster is even worse as its power is enhanced by the Black Ice.

Mordrem Teragriff, Guild Wars 2


The last parts of Living Story 2 were painful for me as the fights generally involved dodging charging Mordrem or being knocked flat by these plant monsters.

Toads, Final Fantasy 14


The humble toad may seem an odd choice for my most hated mob in Eorzea but these creatures, especially those in Mor Dhona, have the ability to pull you to them with their sticky tongue. Something they do very frequently when you are simply trying to ride past them…

So there are my nine most hated mobs in MMORPGS. Do you have any others you love to loathe?

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6 Responses to Mobs I hate – IntPiPoMo 2015 (4)

  1. Here’s how I know you haven’t been to Tokyo in TSW yet: You didn’t mention Oni.

    Oni: You thought ak’ab were bad? *Finger tent, evil smile.*

    • Telwyn says:

      We’ve done a chunk of Tokyo but not enough to get fed-up with the Oni. Somehow I found the ak’ab worse, probably because relative to the zone our gear was worse when we were doing Savage Coast…

  2. pkudude99 says:


    In the Kunark expansion there were swarms of wasps. They were double-down arrow, so theoretically really easy, but they had a stun. They all had a stun. And they rotated it. So yeah, they kept you stunlocked and whittled you down. Hated those.


    After I got used to the ak’abs and Oni, I didn’t find them to be too awful (but I agree with Nzoth that Oni are WAY worse than ak’abs….), but those robots in Tokyo. Not the humanoid ones, but the “shield sentries” or something like that that are more like big oblong columns with legs — PITA!


    Archaeornis — they do this large debuff attack that reduces your damage by 50% so if you don’t have some way to interrupt that, having to constantly dodge that circle is kind of annoying.

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