An offline gaming weekend and looking ahead to Christmas

Last weekend was a moderate-sized family gathering at our house so gaming, at least MMORPG gaming, didn’t happen. There was time for other gaming however, as we played a number of games of Magic the Gathering. The power level of the game never ceases to amaze me compared to the 4th edition I started with back in 1997. It makes the stat inflation in World of Warcraft (pre-stat squish) look calm in comparison. Where once a 5/5 dragon was considered one of the more powerful cards you now have a single card that lays twin 10/10 creatures of devastating might. The game is faster now as a result, and in a way more tense, since card draws can quickly lead to innevitable defeat – instead of “I’m defeated in four turns”, it seems more like “I’ve lost next turn”.

We also discussed games we’d like to play together at Christmas. There are several potential games I could take on to play with my niece and nephew in particular like Destiny or Skyforge. Destiny looks interesting but there’s a snag as the playerbase is split not just by console platform but also by generation – Playstation 3 players cannot play with Playstation 4 players! Maybe this kind of thing is common in online FPS land? I can understand cross-platform barriers I suppose as different partner companies are involved but no cross-generation? My Playstation 3 is perfectly serviceable at present, buying a new console just for one game, no thanks!

Then there is Skyforge, another action MMORPG. Massively had a recent article about the class demographics of the Western playerbase. It’s not a game that has been on my radar but I’d be willing to download and try it during Christmas when the family is all together for some gaming sessions. It’s how we used to sometimes play Guild Wars 2, the only real experience Husband and I had of dungeons in that game were forays with family members.


Speaking of Guild Wars 2, we could of course chose that as our “play together” game again this year, but what could we do together since none of us have the Heart of Thorns expansion?

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  1. Skyforge is a game I would probably be playing if there weren’t already so many games I want to play right now.

    I really liked the quest design in that game — some very unique archetypes and mechanics — and I loved the unusual science fantasy setting. The combat is also very good.

    On the other hand, it’s the dictionary definition of grindy, and the fact your choice of classes is so limited at the start is a real turn-off.

    So I’d say it’s a solid if imperfect game, but with how much competition it has (at least in my case), it sort of fell by the wayside.

    If I may permit myself a little more shameless self-promotion, I did write up some detailed thoughts for my blog during the beta:

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