EQ2: a time for heroes and server merges

I popped into EQ2 for a couple of sessions over the last two days. The second session was dedicated to doing the round of “puppet bosses” for the Heroes festival. These are  simple public-event fights against puppets of iconic boss monsters.


The fights happen in a rotation between six different zones and have a respawn timer. This kind of event can encourage the best in a server’s community; while I was online players were  announcing in global chat which zone was up and after a fight portals or other quick travel options were freely offered. The puppets are passive, they do not do any actual damage, but they absorb a lot of punishment before being defeated so having more players makes for quicker success.


Since I was watching global chat for announcements of which puppet was up where, I also happened to read a brief discussion about the server merge. I had forgotten that EQ2, like several other MMORPGs, is having a server consolidation this year. Freeport will merge with Permafrost and Nagafen to make the new Skyfire server (see EQ2Wire for details).

This merge is happening this very Wednesday no less and will require a 24 hour maintenance period! That’s a day or more of Heroes Festival time lost to players on three servers, I wonder if they’ll offer to extend the festival?

My plushie army grows!

My plushie army grows!

For my part I won’t have time to play much more this week anyway as there are lots of non-gaming things happening right through to next Monday – at least I managed to get enough tokens to grab a new appearance shield and one of the puppet boss plushies…

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