Remembering to vary gaming activities

It should be apparent from my blog feed that I play a mix of MMORPGs at any one time. For a long while now I’ve wanted options when I sit down at my computer for a gaming session. However with several goals this summer of progressing characters in various games (e.g. SWTOR, EQ and WoW) I think I forgot a cardinal rule.

Gaming happiness for me isn’t just about having a variety of games to play, it’s also having a good mix or balance of activities to do in those games. Guild mates in WoW were chatting on voice comms and they started talking about how many garrisons each had fully unlocked, my gut reaction was a huge wince – I just wouldn’t want to spend large chunks of gaming time swapping alts to micro-manage that.

No mining for this alt

No mining for this alt

The strongest reminder of this though came after several recent sessions of Everquest 2 in the Vesspyr Isles zone. After questing away intensively for hours and seeing my experience bar creeping slowly towards 96 (despite having guzzled an XP potion AND having my AA conversion set to zero), I happened to stop next to an ore node and reflexively started mining. I realised I hadn’t gathered anything, nor crafted since coming back to the game.

The Great Norrathian Bake-Off

The Great Norrathian Bake-Off

What followed was most of a session of not-questing. It was rather liberating to stop staring at the XP bar. Ravious of Kill Ten Rats talks about watching the XP bar in a recent Guild Wars 2 post. It struck a chord. Sometimes you just have to remember to stop caring about progress and to just play the darn game for fun!

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  1. I need to take this to heart. Very good advice. 🙂

  2. bhagpuss says:

    It’s a very unfortunate part of the current design of EQ2 that questing in at-level content after level 92 is about the slowest possible way to gain xp. Almost anything is faster. Mentoring down and doing content in lower zones, particularly soloing heroic dungeon content, is waaaaay faster. And even then it’s slow!

    One of the unfortunate side-effects of enjoying Heart of Thorns as much as I have been doing is that I have stopped playing all other MMOs. I’d just got myself into a nice balance too. I’m going to have to pace myself a bit better and start picking some of the characters and projects I was working on elsewhere back up again.

    • Telwyn says:

      Maybe I’m cynical but I expect we’re supposed to drink XP pots from the store to help with the speed…

      Guild Wars 2 is one of the few MMOs that I managed to play with certain family members, they’re not playing it either at the moment but I expect a return to Tyria will happen at some point even if it’s just to play the leveling dungeons together.

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