Favourite MMO Characters IntPiPoMo 2015

My first themed post for the Interational Picture Posting Month is to feature my favourite characters from MMORPGs. Creating characters has always been a particular pleasure of mine – I tend to make multiple alternative (alt) characters in any given game just to try out different class/race/spec combinations. I’ll do a semi-chronological tour of some of my favourites.

1. Cerian the Druid, World of Warcraft


This Balance Druid has one of my favourite character looks of all my history in the game, despite the aging model for Moonkin I still love him dearly. I don’t play him much anymore but this post is about pictures and not gameplay. It’s an interesting entry for me  because he very rarely spent any time in his natural Night Elf form.

2. Belnius the Shaman, World of Warcraft


Almost as old a character and played recently in the Draenor expansion, this “space goat” character is my current main character and much-loved. I always liked the other-worldly Draenei race and the latest expansion has given more lore and background to that race.

3. Eskarr the Shadowknight, Everquest 2


My current main in Everquest 2 is a Sarnak Shadowknight. The races are particularly varied in this game with very well animated emotes and character abilities. It’s hard to capture in a screenshot but he has some very satisfying evil spells to use on his foes.

4. Arviyal the Mesmer, Guild Wars 2



It’s actually quite rare for me to happily play a smaller character but the Asura from Guild Wars 2 are adorable. This was my main character for all the time I was playing the game.



He’s getting two screenshots because I couldn’t find a good screenshot showing his face and him using an ability at the same time. More than almost any other character, I loved the visual style of this character’s abilities.

5. Targash the Necromancer, Guild Wars 2

gw003I cannot post about favourite characters and not include a Charr, so here’s Targash (a Necromancer). Again the character design and animations for this race are superb – it’s all in the details, the Charr run on all four legs for example yet stand and fight on two.

6. Tobyas the Commando, SWTOR


Although he wasn’t my main character for the majority of my playtime in SWTOR; playing a Commando through the class story this summer really endeared me not just to the gameplay of the class but also to the visual aesthetics. This ability alone (Pulse Cannon) is pure joy to use.

7. Adaari the Jedi Shadow, SWTOR


In a sense this character is what my original main always should have been. I should have chosen the Shadow advanced class over the Sage. Also I always wanted a Togruta character and now I finally have one.

8. Torstall the Bard, Final Fantasy 14


Final Fantasy 14 has pretty amazing characters, beautiful clothing design and of course some great character animations and skill or spell graphics. Of the classes I levelled on this character  I think Bard was my favourite overall, offering mobility and some wicked attacks.

9. Kawli the Spellslinger, Wildstar


The newest of my characters but already a firm favourite. With the announcement of Wildstar going free to play, I knew we’d eventually get around to duo’ing some Chua. The race is charmingly devilish and oh so well animated.

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  1. Steve says:

    Nice pics 🙂 Great to see your post on the joy of character creation – I just posted something similar myself! I missed the whole 10 year long WoW age sadly due to playing on consoles only. These are from Destiny:


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