#IntPiPoMo 2015

I found out via my feedly that there’s a thing called International Picture Posting Month (IntPiPoMo) this month. The home site this year is over at Gamer Girl Confessions. The rules are simple, post 50 pictures over the course of the month – quite a few MMO or gaming bloggers are taking part.

I’ve become a total screenshot addict since I got into blogging, I usually try to include the odd picture in my posts to liven them up. Since I’m unlikely to post every day given other time pressures I’ll have to do a bunch of pictures in each IntPiPoMo post. I’ve come up with some themes for the posts to both help me to select the pictures to include from the many, many screenshots I have across all the games I’ve played. The plan so far, at this early stage is to do posts on these topics:

  1. Favourite MMO characters
  2. Storytelling moments
  3. Favourite MMO locales
  4. Mobs I hate
  5. Glorious skyboxes

I’ll revisit the list of topics if I see other bloggers using better themed posts since it’s a community activity and responding to others’ posts can be fun. Feel free to suggest topics in comments if you have any you’re planning to do. I’ll post the first proper post with screenshots later in the week but to get me started here’s just two from my weekend of gaming.

look up...

look up…

I have so many screenshots now already from the KoTFE expansion in SWTOR and I’m only half way through. Running around a swamp area I forgot for a while that I was actually still on a highly urbanised and technologically advanced planet…

Purple shiny!

Purple shiny!

We finally spent enough time in Wildstar to unlock housing on our Chua. My Spellslinger has weaponsmithing trained but he needs ore desperately to get started on the crafting. So I opted for the mineral deposit plot but the first node to spawn was a tier 2 node so I then had to spend time catching my mining skill up. It didn’t take that long and it felt great when I returned to my home to find a whole bunch of mining nodes waiting for me to harvest!

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5 Responses to #IntPiPoMo 2015

  1. Welcome aboard to the event! ^_^ Added you to my list! Looking forward to all your pictures.

    • Telwyn says:

      Ah thanks! I just commented on your original post before seeing this, I totally forgot to yesterday after posting this on my blog! 🙂

  2. Screenshot topics, what a good idea! And yay for that Zakuul swamp being photogenic. It was featured in my IntPiPoMo of today as well! 🙂

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