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Glorious Skyboxes – IntPiPoMo 2015 (5)

For my last post for International Picture Posting Month 2015, I’m going to return to a favourite topic of mine, the skyboxes that frame our adventures in MMORPGs. Here’s a selection of some glorious skyboxes after the break. Advertisements

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Black Friday came and went

I bought nothing yesterday as part of the sales that are now omnipresent in the UK, an imported sale event without the cultural context it has in the USA. There’s no new games I currently want to buy and I … Continue reading

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Mobs I hate – IntPiPoMo 2015 (4)

As I’ve discussed in a recent post combat is pretty central to most MMORPG gaming. The enemies, monsters and critters our characters face every session can be scary, challenging, surpising or, sometimes, just plain annoying. There are some creatures I … Continue reading

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Favourite MMO Locales – IntPiPoMo 2015 (3)

This post is somewhat delayed so I’m going to have to cram several IntPiPoMo posts into the remaining week and a bit of November in order to hit my target of 50 pictures. For this third post I’m showcasing some … Continue reading

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Garrison vs Alliance hubs and alt-play

Two of the MMORPGs I am currently playing have a particular breed of ‘operational base’ style hub in the latest expansion; namely World of Warcraft and Star Wars the Old Republic. These hubs play a key role in the story … Continue reading

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Thoughts on MMO combat

Syp of Bio Break has a post discussing MMO combat systems. and the relative merits of certain action MMORPGs’ attempts to mix-up the old formula of tab-target combat. Combat is such a core activity in any MMORPG that it certainly … Continue reading

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An offline gaming weekend and looking ahead to Christmas

Last weekend was a moderate-sized family gathering at our house so gaming, at least MMORPG gaming, didn’t happen. There was time for other gaming however, as we played a number of games of Magic the Gathering. The power level of … Continue reading

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