Shadowrun Chronicles: Infected

The first major content update for the Shadowrun-themed tactical coop game has launched! We were slighlty surprised when we logged in last night for some more re-runs of old missions to find the launcher advertising this new downloadable content (DLC).


As well as a new set of story missions that follow-on from the ending of the Boston Lockdown arc, the game update has brought a rebalancing and slight fleshing out of all of the character skill trees. Such a big shake-up warranted a karma-reset (karma is the earned points you use to customise your character in Shadowrun). We didn’t do more than poke our noses into the new content since we had to spend some time purchasing the DLC and then a lot more rebuilding our characters with our refunded karma. I’ve stayed with my preferred sword/automatics build but didn’t go quite as deep since I wanted to take some of the passive bonuses from both the body & mind trees this time.


The content continues where we left off the campaign both in terms of story and difficulty. We’ve been doing repeat runs of low level missions for some time now to get more karma on our main characters and it was a bit of a shock to come up against such tough opponents once more!

I’m certainly looking forward to this new story-arc to follow. If you’ve played the game and are unaware of the new release it’s time to return to the shadows!

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