Wildstar and Shade’s Eve

I’m still playing Wildstar when time permits, our Chua duo just hit level 12 so we’re tantalizingly close to unlocking housing…


We’ve been having fun with Expeditions, the scalable group content (formerly called Shiphands).  So far we’ve done Fragment Zero and Outpost M13. There’s also a new introduction to the world quest series at a lower level; it used to start at level 35 but now you pick it up in the starter zones at level 11.


That’s a great improvement as the mysteries surrounding the Elden are a great part of the game’s unfolding story and it seemed a bit crazy that on my pre-F2P character I got to level 25 (half way to the 50 cap) without digging into that.

This last week has also brought the game’s first live event and it’s pretty impressive. The Halloween-esque “Shade’s Eve” has brought a lot of decoration to the faction capital cities.


I really want a spooky ‘Hoogle’ like this yellow-eyed statue in my housing!

Spending time in Thayd on my main I did the various daily quests just to check them out. There’s a jumping collection quest and another involving the timed button-press puzzles you see while out questing. There’s also a very cool take on trick or treat, where you visit people’s houses to collect different shaped candies.

Treat please!

Treat please!

Lots of buzz created in the zone chat for housing as people discussed who had what treat available. I even opened up my own plot at least while I was online for people to drop by. The dailies give a special building material as a reward that you then hand in to an NPC in Thayd. Those donations are accumulated for all players of that faction on that server – we’re collectively working towards building something, I would guess an effigy to mark Shade’s Eve. That’s a nice idea as well, it kind of reminds me of the Bounder’s Bounty statue-building event in the Shire in LOTRO back in 2013.

Playing on the Chua I’ve also noticed a few Shade’s Eve additions outside the captials. For example there are Settler constructions in the form of moldable plants out in the world.

Apparently this is topiary...

Apparently this is topiary…

The main chunk of Shade’s Eve, at least in terms of the time it takes to playthrough, is the three-part dungeon. The three sections are very different in playstyle but I’ll do a separate post on that perhaps when I’ve had a chance to run it on our Chua duo, it deserves a standalone post and I’ll reserve judgement on it until I see how it is to play on a lower level character.

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