Autumn gaming updates

Syp posted recently that there is a lot happening in MMO land this month, even this week. I tend to arrive fashionably late to most MMO parties so I’ll not be in the launch crush for any of the big events.

Knights of the Fallen Empire
This latest expansion for Star Wars the Old Republic has launched for early access customers today. I’ll certainly be following the news of how the game has been changed by this expansion, it’s been described as being a “return to story” as a focus for the game. I’ll wait for a bit longer before returning as I’ll have to level a character from 55 to 60 before joining the new content anyway. I’m distracted by other things at present but the approach of the new movie is a sure-fire way to get me excited about the Galaxy Far, Far Away once more.

Heart of Thorns
Meanwhile Guild Wars 2’s expansion has completely fallen off my radar. I’ll read about reactions to the launch of course but the path the game has taken with the addition of raids is not one I’m interested in following. As Bhagpuss noted recently it will most definitely affect the rest of the game regardless of whether you raid or not.

Terrors of Thalumbra
The next expansion for Everquest 2 will be out on November 17th and for once I’m vaguely interested! In the past I’ve always been so far off the cap that new content in this game was meaningless to me. Now I have finally dinged my shadowknight 95 I’m actually exploring the Altar of Malice content. Although, knowing my gaming schedule, I’m not certain of hitting 100 in time for the launch, at least I’ll be close for once!

There are other content releases I’m not tracking such as the dungeon-focused Issue  in The Secret World or the orc-themed content update to Elder Scrolls but these are the updates that most interest me.

What are you looking forward to in this busy release-period?

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One Response to Autumn gaming updates

  1. A lot of the recent MMO hype is passing me by, honestly. Never had much interest in WildStar or EQ2, so their updates are unimportant to me. Was interested in Heart of Thorns at first, but the introduction of a raid-focused endgame goes against everything that appealed to me about GW2, and I think it’s turned me off the game for good — I was already very ambivalent.

    The next DLC for ESO sounds like something I’d enjoy, but I’m still very low level in that game, and between its glacial leveling pace and my sporadic play, it’ll be ages before I’m ready for any endgame stuff.

    I haven’t been playing TSW too much lately — no particular reason; just distracted with other things — but I am very much looking forward to its Halloween event and the upcoming dungeon finder tool.

    I am intrigued by Knights of the Fallen Empire, much to my own surprise, but I’m still on the fence. I do like Bioware’s storytelling, and a lot of the changes and additions of Knights are very appealing to me, but I still detest SW:TOR’s business model, and I’ve never been a particularly big Star Wars fan. If I do play, I’ll probably wait a few months, as my gaming plate is pretty crowded, and the later I join, the more content I can unlock by subscribing.

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