EQ: bonus XP and level cap

Everquest 2 has another bonus XP period this time during the week rather than for a weekend. I popped back into the game again to have a nose around on my shadowknight. The game also has the Night of the Dead event active so I thought I’d run some of the instanced event quests on this character. Turns out he’s not done anything so it was back to the start!


The first quest is set in a maze. I’ve done it a few times before on other characters, each time I run through it (once a year) I forget you can easily get stuck on one early step. Either by bad UI design or devilish device there’s a door that if you left click an animation happens but the quest does not advance. If you right-click and choose the Treat option it does advance. At least once in the past and again last night I was wandering for ages trying to remember what I had to do next, having left-clicked but not right-clicked on said door. A rather frustrating mechanic. I guess I’m just not enough of an EQ2 vet for right-click actions to be an automatic thing to do.


After that I ran the second Night of the Dead quest also this time it’s plants vs zombies, Norrath-style. This is a fun quest for sure although you do have to be careful the child NPC doesn’t have any stray zombies attacking her. In the past I’d spaced the plants out in a ring away from the NPC to catch any zombies at a distance. This time I happened to try a close ‘U-shape’ arrangement around the NPC as suggested by a screenshot in the wiki page. The child almost died as the last wave of zombies is large and it is hard to keep track of who is attacking who. Thankfully shadowknights have a *lot* of area damage and threat generating abilities so it was possible to taunt stragglers off her quickly.


I finished up going back to the Freeport quest series. I’d started it some time ago but only completed up to the end of the level 20 block. Last night I made good progress on the level 40 section of the quests. They’re fun to play, are concentrated in a relatively small area (the city wards) so are pretty quick to complete and offer a good amount of XP scaling to your character’s level.


If I can just get that last 40% of experience this character will hit 95 and I can finally get started on the current expansion content (Age of Malice). Since the next expansion isn’t raising the level cap (hurrah!), I actually stand a chance of catching up finally with the end-game!

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3 Responses to EQ: bonus XP and level cap

  1. bhagpuss says:

    I went to do some Nights of the Dead quests with my Channeler last night and I literally couldn’t find the questgivers. I am so used to doing them in Freeport and I don’t believe I have ever done them on a character who has Halas as his home city.

    In Halas I could only find the fake gigglegibber who sends you to Loping Plains. I went to Qeynos but I couldn’t find anyone there at all. I’ll have to look it up when (or if) I try again.

  2. I really wish I’d gotten into EQ2 more. Or that the friends I was playing with had stuck around in it. I love the idea of the maze! And the skeleton guy is creepy, even with outdated graphics, haha.

    • Telwyn says:

      Indeed. I’ve played the game super casually over a number of years but it’s never become my main MMO and that’s a shame as it has crazy amounts of content and depth. I’m the same in that the main friends I play these games with haven’t ever shown interest in it, that’s a strike against it unfortunately.

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