WoW: dungeons and distractions

We’ve started running Heroic dungeons in Warlords of Draenor finally to get rid of some of the many quests we have from the Garrison Inn NPCs. If you have an Inn as one of your buildings you can pick-up a new dungeon-related quest every day, most of which require the heroic version of said dungeon to complete.


The dungeons in Warlords are great fun actually and very nicely designed as per the usual Blizzard standard. We just did the Everbloom instance in heroic and it offered a nice amount of challenge for a group of five characters. We haven’t felt the pain of early heroic runs comparable to say early Cataclysm or early Burning Crusade era content. That’s not surprising though as we’re only now getting to try these and we have the catchup gearing-up method of Tanaan ilvl 650 gear – that puts our character well above the minimum ilvl 615 for heroics.

Everbloom - a very atmospheric dungeon!

Everbloom – a very atmospheric dungeon!

If there aren’t five guildies on who want to run dungeons however we’re still not so over-geared that we can run them easily without a full group.

Three-manning a dungeon may be possible, but it takes ages...

Trio-running a dungeon may be possible, but it takes ages…

As a break from Draenor dungeons we also recently popped onto some older characters just for a change of pace and ran two classic Hellfire dungeons, at or near level. This was a heavily nostalgic romp through some much-beloved content. Since I returned to WoW so recently I still haven’t tried a time-walking dungeon yet, that needs to happen next time it is on!


It was a bit of a distraction from actually progressing my shaman main but despite playing druid for so many years, I’d never actually given (Druid) restoration healing a go.


There are some very strange stat combinations on the gear dropping in these dungeons, whether it’s the original loot tables or some aberration of the Cataclysm content revamp I can’t say. Playing through these dungeons reminds me of the very high standard to which they were designed. There were plenty of opportunities to over-pull or stand in something bad or otherwise get caught short of the level of play necessary to beat these dungeons challenges.

Mines, assassins, poison gas - welcome to the Blood Furnance

Mines, assassins, poison gas – welcome to the Blood Furnace

In the second instance, Blood Furnace, there are sneaking orc assassins hidden in passageways, engineers with very nasty land mine attacks and some crazy demon packs. Of course nowadays with the very messed up gearing and character power curves the content is easy for the most part – we ran the two as a four without too much difficulty. However despite this imbalance some things remain to remind you just how wonderfully challenging these dungeons were – just after the screenshot above was taken several engineer mines exploded at once and I struggled to keep the party up with my meagre spell selection (no tranquility yet!).



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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! 🙂 To be 100% honest I have little experience playing WoW myself but get can go up to level 650?? Isn’t that a bit…insane?

  2. Shandren says:

    You can go to “itemlevel” 700+, but character level is still capped at 100. Not that that isnt rather high allready 🙂

    Item level is a measure of how powerful a certain piece of gear is (and is often used as a gauge for character power by using the average itemlevel of all equipped gear)

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