STO: Thumping Tholians

Since my Klingon captain turned level 50 he’s received a bunch of missions all at once. The game has level-scaling to allow you to play lower level content still with some challenge so there’s a wealth of content still to be played. Indeed my character hit level 50 while still playing the Romulan Mystery arc, which is pegged for level 26+. This session however I ended up setting course for one of the mission markers on the sector map, Nukara, to see what adventure awaited.


Turns out this is a Y-class planet (a.k.a a ‘demon world’) with an extremely hostile environment. I had to wear an environment suit to venture beyond the shielded base camp. Of course my character didn’t have one and I didn’t know where to get one, but they’re available in the Dilithium store, the basic one is very reasonably priced.


This planet is actually home to a level 50 adventure zone (Tholian Incursion), a public quest style area. The mission giver back at base camp gives a couple of different missions (kill X Tholians, collect Y items etc). For content that was launched back in July 2012, it seems to be relatively popular – I saw dozens of other players running around in the zone. Anything I shot a few times counted towards my particular mission objectives so there were no issues with competing for targets as you might find in more old-fashioned MMOs.


I only had time to complete a few basic missions here but there are more to do and some upgrades that are probably worth the time to gather. Some loot drops at random from the Tholians, I received a new rifle that seemed a decent upgrade. I think I’ll have to give the zone at least one or two more goes just to see how far into this repeatable content I can get solo. Adventure zones are group content of a sort however, so it seems I can’t bring any of my bridge officers with me. However dumb the AI can be at times, I do rather miss having a pet healer and some heavy-weapons support with me when on a mission!

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  1. Shintar says:

    I hated the Nukara dailies the few times I did them with friends; I remember them being incredibly grindy and mobs respawning at a silly rate. There was also some “kill x mobs quest” which was really annoying to do in a group because not everyone would get credit for every kill. That was quite some time ago by now though, they might have been changed since then.

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