Wildstar: servers and intros

With the conversion of Wildstar to Free to Play last week my plans for some duo Chua gaming were at last possible. Wildstar is likely to be a side-game, something to play together when we’re not playing WoW or Shadowrun Chronicles so the removal of the subscription barrier was important to us. As others have reported already the relaunch has suffered from its own success as often happens. That’s certainly at least a partially good thing, at least the devs (Carbine) can take comfort that there are a sizeable number of players interested in trying the game now.


That said it did appear for three days or so that the mega-servers were crushed by the demand. By Friday evening we’d managed to create characters but not actually play them, it wasn’t until early Saturday morning that we could log in and play. For now our new Chua pair are housed on Jabbit-2 – it’s less laggy than the original server by all accounts and the login queues are certainly shorter.


This is what a server bug and gremlin look like

Now we’re in the game I’m in the curious position, from a blogging perspective, of knowing much has changed with the F2P mega-patch but not necessarily realising it all at first. I’m playing a Chua Spellslinger for a change of style paired up with an Engineer.

Prepare for trouble, and make it double...

Prepare for trouble, and make it double…

The remake of the spaceship intro zone (Dominion side) is interesting. I wish I’d paid more attention to the original now, it seems like the new version is snappier with a stronger story to it but they also seem to have removed or missed out on some fairly important information. We got through it quickly enough and chose to go down to Levian Bay. But we realised there had been nothing obvious telling us about how the path system is supposed to work – I’d played scientist before so could tell my husband to press G etc. For myself I stumbled into settler building activities pretty much at random.


Beyond some path confusion I’m feeling mostly at home as I have recent gameplay experience of Wildstar. The idea of having three different introductions to the game is good, although maybe they still need to make a few adjustments to what is taught where. Based on the descriptions of the three options I would still expect paths, something unique to Wildstar, to be told to those running the spaceship tutorial zones.


At the second quest-hub after landing we were given a new set of shoulder armour by an NPC who informed us we “should know about runes”. It was a simple quest, speak to the NPC, get a pair of shoulders and a rune and done. But she didn’t actually tell us anything about attaching the rune to our new shoulder armour! Apparently you can attach them out in the field, I had thought I needed a crafting station to do that.

Despite some confusion over a few aspects to the early-game, I’m having a blast back in Wildstar once more. I’ve just unlocked more skills than I have LAS (skillbar) slots for so there’s some fun to be had in experimenting with new abilities and their combinations!

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