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MMO spoilers and reading choices

One of the core rules I follow in writing this blog is to avoid spoilers as much as possible. This can be quite a limitation on the styles and content of posts that I want to write but it’s a … Continue reading

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SWTOR: mains vs alts, level 55-60 content

In the flurry of updates and expansions this October I’d lost focus on SWTOR somewhat. The last few weeks I’ve been too busy with World of Warcraft, Wildstar and Shadowrun Chronicles. But over the weekend I was reading some first … Continue reading

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STO: free ship giveaway

As part of the launch of the latest content, New Dawn, Star Trek Online is giving away a free tier 5 ship to characters of level 50+. It’s only available until 10AM (PDT) on the 28th October, so I’m posting … Continue reading

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Depth of world-building

The Digital Initiative had a blog post last week on world-building. It made very interesting reading. It’s not something I’ve necessarily separated in my mind before from a MMORPG standpoint but the topic certainly resonated with my view on paper … Continue reading

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Shadowrun Chronicles: Infected

The first major content update for the Shadowrun-themed tactical coop game has launched! We were slighlty surprised when we logged in last night for some more re-runs of old missions to find the launcher advertising this new downloadable content (DLC). … Continue reading

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Wildstar and Shade’s Eve

I’m still playing Wildstar when time permits, our Chua duo just hit level 12 so we’re tantalizingly close to unlocking housing… We’ve been having fun with Expeditions, the scalable group content (formerly called Shiphands).  So far we’ve done Fragment Zero … Continue reading

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Autumn gaming updates

Syp posted recently that there is a lot happening in MMO land this month, even this week. I tend to arrive fashionably late to most MMO parties so I’ll not be in the launch crush for any of the big … Continue reading

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