EQ2: Pre-expansion events

Last night I had intended to create a couple of new alts in Wildstar but the Free to Play avalanche kept me from logging in all evening. Reading about the forthcoming announcement of the next Everquest 2 expansion (EQ2Wire: 1st October) and the pre-expansion Sundered Ground world event series tempted me to dive back into Norrath again instead.

Oops, looks like I missed a contender in my recent Skybox post...

Oops, looks like I missed a contender in my recent Skybox post…

I think I’m past the point of trying to work out Everquest 2 quests all on my own. I simply don’t know the world well enough and haven’t really a clue what I’m doing half the time. Perhaps my Iksar character should know that Lxena T’Kith (the quest giver for the pre-expansion quests) is obviously a Teir’Dal (Norrath’s version of Dark Elves) name – I am sadly not so attuned to this world’s customs. So on the wiki I popped and soon had the waypoint link to find the initial quest giver.

Laxena T'Kith

Laxena T’Kith


After an initial foray into the world, I returned to Madam T’Kith and was sent on to a different NPC, this time with a vague idea where he might be. My warden alt spends almost all his time in “Down Under” where the crafting stations and NPCs are to be found.



A bunch of elemental slaying followed. Handily I did the chain on my solo-DPS specced shadowknight, so he could safely pull large groups and grind them down simultaneously with area damage spells.


I missed on the earlier stage of this series of world events, each stage is only available for a few weeks it appears. I’m ok with that though, honestly it makes perfect sense for pre-expansion events to be time limited. I’ll be following the forums closely for news on any future additional quests.

This character is still 94 as the game espouses an old-school pace of character leveling.  However despite not having a max-level character I can still take part in these pre-expansion events thanks to the game’s encounter scaling tech – I really like this aspect of EQ2. Bhagpuss noted this in a recent post comparing Guild Wars 2 with EQ2, Daybreak Games seem better than other MMO devs at providing a good mix of content for characters of all levels in their updates and expansions.

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  1. melbrankin says:

    i think 85 is the highest character I have in EQ2 – Everquest1 was my first mmo and the EQ games are something I return to often.

  2. Cee says:

    FYI I often play the “new content” on the test server. They usually give instructions how to do that on their forums if you want to see it. It also gives you a token to up to your character to 100 and gives you gear – but only temporarily on that server for testing, your normal character is not changed. I think the command to copy your toon is something like /beta or /testcopy or something, but don’t take my word for it, check the forum, it probably changed since the last time.

    EQ2 is the only game I feel any deep regret about if I don’t play. But life is life and interferes too much. I dream about it, it’s a real place for me. It might be odd to say that, but whatever. Even I use the wiki to figure out quests though. I decided enough was enough when I found a quest where you had to zoom all the way in to be able to see some tiny little object hidden in a jungle under a bunch of foliage and click it. Yeah, I was going to find that randomly… not.

    One tidbit that’s often forgotten these days, but is amusing if you like storytelling is the tower of Zarvonn in Commonlands. Chrono to 25 and do that sometime… the wiki for it is called The Eternal Gorge. Don’t forget to finish the collection because it’s a lead-in to the Nek Forest quest about the Mysteries of the Nektulos. You know the one, that sends you to find Behemoth pond and light the torches? That’s the real beginning, often forgotten anymore. I do wish they’d give you some way to feed the hungry skeleton…

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