Shadowrun Chronicles: “karma runs”

Since we completed the Boston Lockdown campaign in Shadowrun Chronicles, we had two choices while we wait for the next content release. The first option is to run Red or Blue Challenges – simulated missions for an Augmented Reality (a k a 3D television) programme.

Red or Blue?

Red or Blue?

We gave a Blue Challenge mission a go but quickly realised that our characters were nowhere near well-tuned enough for this level of difficulty. The improvements to henchmen in the next update will be important if we want to do these missions in the future (we play as a trio + one NPC character).

So many summons...

Blue: so many summons…

So without those missions we opted for the alternative way to continue our characters’ development – “karma runs” as the players in global chat call them. Basically a given character cannot repeat a mission, but he or she can take part in someone else’s mission for a minimal karma reward (usually 2 or 3). So we have created a new character each and will re-run the campaign with the one new character and the other players’ veteran characters. Doing this a few times will net us enough karma to unlock the full Body and Mind trees; both important for increasing key stats like your health pool, your accuracy and so on.


Playing this way is an interesting change, with the first playthrough we would fail missions occasionally or have the odd character death. There were certainly missions that we only won by the slimmest of margins. This time around, with the advantage in character power vs their opponents, we can take a bit more time to fully map the areas and grab all of the lore objects.

Being surrounded suddenly is less of a an issue this time...

Being surrounded suddenly is less of a an issue…

Repetition of content is the norm for online gaming and MMORPGs in particular. So I’m happy to be rerunning the same campaign to help develop our main characters alongside starting a new one. Given the varied playstyles of the game’s different skill trees there are plenty of options to choose from.


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