STO: Midnight episode

The latest episode launched for Star Trek Online on 10th September, called Midnight. It follows on from the last episode, Butterfly Effect, that was released back on 27th August. That last one was the first episode to release since I returned to the game. These episodes are regular content releases that scale to any character level above 10 (although some rewards are for levels 50+). So for players like myself that aren’t yet at the level cap, these feature episodes are pretty useful both to earn some more experience and to get some purple quality gear.


The rewards are spread over several weeks, with different bonus rewards available after certain dates to those repeating the mission. I didn’t get around to doing this with the last mission as it released just before I went away on holiday. This time around I will have to set aside some time to run the mission at least once or twice more as the ship equipment rewards alone are pretty significant upgrades for my retrofit Vor’cha battlecruiser.


As for the story it was enjoyable although I’ll reserve some of my judgement until I’ve replayed it as there seemed to be an element of ‘railroading‘ involved in the plot. I’m playing this with my level scaled up, so the space combat section in particular was tougher than I’m used to. Whether that’s a lack of experience in larger scale engagements or something to do with the maths used I can’t say yet.


The ground combat section meanwhile seemed a lot tamer in comparison, easier to manage with my team plus some NPC helpers.


The story is interesting although I missed the release of the earlier parts of the Iconian War story arc so I’ve come in towards the end. I could go back and play earlier episodes at some point but then I still have a lot of leveling content to do as well. By the time I hit the current cap of rank 60 the next story arc will probably have been released!

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