SWTOR: once more unto the leveling

For now I’ve taken the advice in the comment on my last SWTOR post and held off from buying the Shadows of Revan expansion so close to the release of the upcoming Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion next month. Probably a good thing really as playing a different character after hyper-levelling my trooper for some time is a breath of fresh air for sure.


This is my third character to play through the Tython starter world. I like the planet but I’m kind of glad to be skipping all the side quests this time as I still remember it well. This will be my fifth play through of Coruscant (the next planet) so I expect a quick visit will be more than enough there also.



This character is my second Jedi Knight. I deliberately created a second one since my original character was part of a leveling duo that’s been on ice for two years now. I didn’t want to play that character solo (Shintar recently posted on this subject), so I’ve left him and created a new Knight.


For the sake of variety I decided to choose the Sentinel advanced class for this new Knight at level 10. That makes him more a tough DPS class than an actual tank. The other Knight pictured above is a Guardian. It’ll be an interesting contrast to see how much the two advanced classes differ – to date I’ve not leveled a duplicate base class character in the SWTOR at all.


As a bonus for this run through I get to dual-wield lightsabers while leaping at my enemies and, of course, I get an adorable astromech companion to play with!



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