Shadowrun Chronicles update end October

An official dev post has indicated a new storyline for Shadowrun Chronicles will be available by the end of October, although no firm date is listed.


There’ll be a continuation of the Boston Lockdown campaign and new opponents – including a hostile team of Shadowrunners based on characters submitted by players. The update will also include some changes to the balancing of passive abilities, this is not likely to affect us but is of note to longer-term players who may have more skill trees maxed out.

Henchie with only one skill bar

Henchie with only one skill bar

A happy side-note to this announcement is that henchmen will be getting a second skill tree: this will be a bit of a boost to our normal group of three players + one henchman. With only one tree currently available some henchmen (especially deckers and riggers) are at quite a disadvantage given the ultra-specialised nature of their skills. Now they can be given a gun or other weapon to give them a backup attack mode.

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