Summer’s fading light – gaming plans for the Autumn

Summer, if one can call the monsoon-like weather we’ve experienced recently in the UK summer, seems to be drawing to a close. I’ll soon be faced with the start of college again and a busier schedule including the odd evening-lecture that may impinge on my gaming time.

Nevertheless I’ve had a very full summer gaming-wise and have plenty of good things to look forward to!

I’ve power-leveled my Trooper to 55 and have now a nice dilemma over which character I should prepare for October’s expansion. That’s quite a dilemma as I’ve played the Trooper a lot more in recent months but then I did play the Consular for so much more time over the years since the game launched.

I’ll continue to play Star Trek Online if time permits as a side-game. It’s fun to play casually and easy to drop-in and out of as such. I can’t see myself catching up with the current end-game any time soon but that’s probably a good thing as casual gaming and end-game content usually doesn’t mix all that well.

World of Warcraft
The return of several friends to this game and my desire to see Draenor at a slower pace just to enjoy the story and level a character or two to the cap (100) prior to any Legion pre-launch event has finally tempted me back to my original MMORPG. More posts on this will follow soon.

This is a bit of a potential wildcard, there’s no hurry to jump back in, but at some point my husband and I will probably have to create that Chua duo that we’ve talked about since we played in beta.

Shadowrun Chronicles
We’ll continue slowly leveling through the Boston Lockdown campaign, no point rushing as the new content hasn’t been announced yet but we’ll certainly buy anything the developers release as this has been an unexpected gem of a purchase.

The Secret World
Sadly Funcom aren’t encouraging us to spend much time in this game since release 12 lacks substantial story content and rumours are that release 13 will also. It’s fine, we’ve played a lot of TSW this year already, we’ll return hopefully refreshed when release 14 is ready. Fingers crossed it opens up a new location entirely!

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  1. Sylow says:

    On TSW: indeed, Issue 12 offers very little story, although the dungeon does make use of characters you learned about and shows how they go on. Not even dungeons in TSW come without lore and story, but it’s just a tiny story bite. Additionally, the new dungeon even in elite difficulty is quite a challenge. Better get your QL10.4 gear ready, you will need it if you ever get Issue 12 and go there. (Luckily you can get that now by doing normal missions and everything. )

    And as Issue 13 is planed to be PvP centric, they have to do miracles to get me to buy that one, so yes, i understand you very well, but i guess they simply had to do something for those two branches of gameplay for which none of the previous issues added anything.

    Anyway, i am looking forward to read how you managed to get to speed again and tackle the problematic story mission. 🙂

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