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EQ2: Pre-expansion events

Last night I had intended to create a couple of new alts in Wildstar but the Free to Play avalanche kept me from logging in all evening. Reading about the forthcoming announcement of the next Everquest 2 expansion (EQ2Wire: 1st … Continue reading

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“a healer I didn’t like”

I was watching a Massively OP Twitch by M J yesterday of the Otherland MMO and during the stream she mentioned that the healer class “Energizer” was, on first impression, a healer type that she actually didn’t like. That thought … Continue reading

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DPS debate and Balance druids in WoW

Last week there was a discussion about the role of DPS characters (and players ) within holy trinity group gameplay. Murf had an epic post bemoaning the lack of role responsibility in more modern MMOs for the damage dealers, that … Continue reading

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Don’t forget the spirit of your game’s IP!

I read yesterday Syp’s concerned post about the state of Sword Coast Legends and felt that this was history repeating itself. According to his and other previews of the game it seems to stray pretty far from the spirit of … Continue reading

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Skybox pleasures 2.0

For some reason I love skyboxes in MMORPGs. Having something inspiring or beautiful as the backdrop for my exploration of the virtual world makes a difference (Wikipedia definition of skybox). Despite the stylised graphics I still love the skies in … Continue reading

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Shadowrun Chronicles: “karma runs”

Since we completed the Boston Lockdown campaign in Shadowrun Chronicles, we had two choices while we wait for the next content release. The first option is to run Red or Blue Challenges – simulated missions for an Augmented Reality (a … Continue reading

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Followers or crew?

I’ve been playing quite a bit of Star Trek Online of late and one of that game’s systems is the Duty Officer (DOff) system. I’d suggest it is rather similar to the garrison followers system in World of Warcraft’s Draenor … Continue reading

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