Profession-use beyond crafting

In Shadowrun Chronicles there are gathering style skills that allow you to access random rewards or unlock special features on a map. For instance the hacking skill might allow you to open a side door to a room offering your team a tactical advantage against opponents waiting in that room.


In some SWTOR flashpoints (a k a dungeons) there are similar nodes that allow a character with the relevant crew skill to perform some beneficial action whether opening a shortcut or activating a defence droid as a temporary companion.

Bioanalysis skill rewards an item that can summon a temporary pet

Athiss: bioanalysis skill rewards an item that can summon a temporary pet

I love to see extra use made of these profession or gathering skills beyond the act of crafting itself. It’s a way to link your character more to the world around him or her. Naturally it’s not so great if such skills are required too often, but if you can benefit from them by teaming up with someone else with the right skill then I believe even locking areas or shortcuts behind such skills is acceptable.

Relic hunter private party

Relic hunter private party

Wildstar has similar bonus content for professions and for characters with a specific path (e.g. explorer can spawn a jumping puzzle). In my recent time playing Wildstar I was very happy to see the profusion of this content, and from casual observance some at least seems designed to be shareable with party members. I’ll look forward to testing how much this bonus content is available to group members if we end up jumping into the F2P version of the game for duo leveling.

Do you like to see professions having applications beyond crafting?

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