Wow Class Halls: Guesses & Desires – Part 2

Meznir here – Telwyn’s hubby. I’m hijacking his blog again for some World of Warcraft speculation.

In Part 1 I suggested iconic locations where the class halls for Death Knights, Druids, Monks and Shamans could be (or could have been, for those that have already been announced). Today I’ll propose some guesses / desires for: Mages, Priests, Paladins and Rogues.


WoWScrnShot_082715_161548The Class Hall for Mages hasn’t been announced yet, but there’s one location that immediately seems obvious – Dalaran. Home of the Kirin Tor. One of the many towers of the city could be made accessible – though would that be big enough? Perhaps a new building added to the city? They have said that there will be changes to it, so maybe this is one of them?

WoWScrnShot_080111_020926Karazhan – we’ve long wanted to go back there, so wouldn’t it be awesome to blow off the cobwebs and and set up our own study in Medivh’s old gaff? Pre-Warlords one of the devs was playing around in there (the dataminers picked up someone making some  cosmetic changes – which led to the developers playing games with phase names). It’s unlikely, but you never know.

WoWScrnShot_021614_225427Coldarra and The Nexus was a focal point of the quest chain for the legendary staff Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest during Firelands. That, of course, was not just a chain for Mages, but the lore created here around the Blue Dragonflight council has plenty of potential for further exploration. Frost Mages would be very at home here at least.

Priests & Paladins

As hard as I tried, I just couldn’t split this section into two parts. There is just too much overlap between my ideas for Priests and Paladins, for them not to all be put together. It could be (justifiably) argued that some of these locations are more appropriate to the lore of one or the other, but here they are.

WoWScrnShot_082715_152302Now, Paladins already know where they are going – underneath Light’s Hope Chapel. Standing in-front of it today to take the above screenshot, I’m struck by one thing – how small it is. The images shown in the Legion presentation and the Feature Overview Trailer, show a massive hall with rows upon rows of pews, large stained glass windows and enormous statues. Either the chapel is hiding something bigger in the basement or perhaps the stonemasons have given up Stormwind’s repairs as a lost cause and have upgraded the chapel to something bigger in Legion.WoWScrnShot_082715_153822Highlord Tirion’s Fordring’s base for training the Argent Crusade since wrestling it back from the Scarlet Crusade during the Shattering. More likely to have been a potential for Paladins than Priests though and they don’t have a nice Cathedral to lure the latter in.

WoWScrnShot_082715_154304If you’re looking for a good cathedral, you can’t can’t get one more iconic than the one at Scarlet Monastery. Bizarrely, there’s not much sign of it when looking at the area outside the instance. The monastery is more than just the cathedral though, with its graveyard and catacombs. I’d say this would make a great place for the Priest class hall – we just need to wrestle it away from the Scarlet Crusade first.

WoWScrnShot_041215_203141If you’re looking for a beautiful cathedral, the one in Gilneas hits the spot. I already mentioned in Part 1 my desire to go back to Gilneas, so if Priests were housed here, I don’t think I’d ever play another class again.

WoWScrnShot_082715_162346When you stick the label “New” on something, it often doesn’t compare to the old; yet New Hearthglen definitely out-does its predecessor. Encompassing both a church and a Cathedral (with a lush interior – see blow), I don’t think Priests & Paladins would complain too much ending up here. Maybe just about the cold and the Scarlet Onslaught.


I love that they gave this Shadow Priest “Glyph of the Raven” – like all good Shadow Priests have.


WoWScrnShot_082512_000748This one has had a lot of coverage – it was announced that Rogues would be in a hidden lair in Dalaran’s sewers. Rogues were by no means happy (see below) but I found it ironic due to the many, many, MANY hours my gnome rogue (pictured above disguised as a Tuskarr) spent fishing there for a rat. Yes, a rat. You know how you sometimes look back on your life and you wonder if you wasted time on something fruitless – this will be it for me. Though I was ecstatic when I finally caught the thing! I’d sworn never to go back, but actually the spin Blizz are putting on it, I hope they do stick to their guns and rogues get something new rather than a re-use…

WoWScrnShot_082715_160343#RavenholtOrRiot – not as big as the whole “No Flying in Draenor” debacle, but enough rogues complained with this hastag, that Blizzard have said they will have a meeting and discuss moving the class hall to Ravenholt. You can understand the complaints though – Rogues have long connections to this manor house, having been sent there to learn about detecting traps (what a shame that was never used properly in wow), opening lockboxes (so many Murlock deaths…) and for the legendary daggers Fangs of the Father quest chain.


Wheeeee! Gnome on a rope!

With at least one of the rogue specs (Combat) apparently moving towards the trope of the swashbuckling pirate – you can’t get much more piratical than Booty Bay. Just think of all those rogues, hanging out in the tavern whilst plotting sinister deeds. That could have been fun.

WoWScrnShot_040715_153918That’s all for Part 2. In Part 3 I’ll tick off the final four classes: Warlocks, Warriors, Hunters and Demon Hunters. In the meantime, let me know your thoughts about these ideas and any other iconic locations I missed, in the comments.

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6 Responses to Wow Class Halls: Guesses & Desires – Part 2

  1. Shintar says:

    To me this whole class halls debate has only highlighted just how little love priests get in the lore. I mean, your suggestions are not bad, but they are all either more paladin-ish or currently hostile territory! Apart from Anduin I also can’t think of any important friendly priest NPCs off the top of my head (though there have been some bosses that were priests). I think it doesn’t help that they are such a diverse bunch – a dwarf priest feels very different from a forsaken priest feels very different from a troll priest, which makes it harder to find common ground than it is for other classes.

    • Daraxis says:

      Heh, I think there are a few lore of note. Velen (the draenei racial leader), Moira (one of the dwarven racial leaders), Tyrande (a warrior/huntress priest, but the head priestess of Elune).

      • Telwyn says:

        Thinking back to TBC era and before I loved that priests were the class that had different abilities depending on race, a nod to certain RPG influences perhaps. I know min-maxers probably hated this but I liked that there was a certain gameplay flavour element to the class.

      • Shintar says:

        Thanks for the reminder! I knew there had to be a couple more… I don’t think it conflicts with my main point though, that priests don’t get much attention. I mean, Velen spent how many years just sitting in the Exodar before they decided to give him some plot in WoD?

    • Meznir says:

      Yes, that’s exactly what I found when writing this. There is either a lot of overlap, or as you say, the places are more Paladin focussed. I hope that these class halls will help develop and clarify the lore for each class and hopefully for each specialisation too. Fingers crossed that they do this right.

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