SWTOR: Trooper level 50 and Makeb v2.0

I’ve been playing my Trooper in Star Wars: The Old Republic, leveling this second character towards the old cap of 55. I haven’t as yet bought the Shadow of Revan expansion to unlock the levels 56-60 that is the current endgame. The next expansion, Fallen Empire, launches on October 27th so I have almost two months still to time that unlock and the necessary time to level at least one character through to 60.

Corellia once more

Corellia once more

As with my main character, a Jedi Sage healer, I easily dinged 50 while still completing the class story on the war-torn world of Corellia. The trooper story is enjoyable enough, but somehow the ending seemed anti-climactic and bizarrely informal (e.g. the cut-scene in a corridor) at least compared to that of the Jedi Consular.


Since I’ve leveled this character mostly with the 12x bonus, leveling purely via the class missions. Without running the planetary story missions I was reliant on the generous gear token handouts that came with these missions since I skipped all the planetary missions that would normally reward level-appropriate armour or weapons. Any gaps were filled via cheap Global Trade Network (i.e. auction house) purchases, although that can have an unusual impact on a character’s appearance – the pictured orange chest piece happened to be a Jedi-style heavy armour + robe combo. With the stats all derived from the class-specific modules it’s fine for my character to wear this although I’m not sure General Garza would approve…


Although it’s not been that long since I was doing Makeb on my Sage, I’m not finding it so repetitive on this second run. I guess it’s mainly as I’m breezing through the sub-zones via the 12x XP boost. The main storyline is enjoyable enough and with the GSI buff to boost my health pool and gear stats I’m not having to obsess too much about frequent gear upgrades in order to keep progressing. Overall I’ve grown rather fond of my Tooper, and I love his droid companion M1-4X.

"Thus to all who threaten galactic liberty!"

“Thus to all who threaten galactic liberty!”


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