Wow Class Halls: Guesses & Desires – Part 1

Meznir here – Telwyn’s hubby. I’m hijacking his blog again for some World of Warcraft speculation.


I’m going to shoehorn Gilneas in here if it’s the last thing I do…

So we now know that the next Wow expansion will be “Legion” and the most interesting addition for me is the renewed focus on Classes and the return to old zones for Class Spec Artifacts and Class Halls. Today I’m going to have a bit of fun guessing at where/what the Class Halls could be and/or ideas for what they could have been. It’s also an excuse to dig around in my huge screenshot directory and take a few more 🙂

Some of the Class Authors over at BlizzardWatch have been making their own guesses (Death Knight, Priest, Mage, Druid, Warrior) and have some very cool ideas too.

class_recallsLet’s make a start with the three (sort-of four) classes that already have their own teleports to a class specific area: Death Knights, Druids, Monks and sort-of Shaman – which seems logical to me to be where their Class Halls most likely will be (bar the latter). Will the other classes get similar spells? Probably.

Death Knights

WoWScrnShot_081715_153527This one has not only been announced, but it’s be used as the archetype for how all Class Halls will be designed. Acherus: The Ebon Hold – the floating necropolis over The Scarlet Enclave / Eastern Plaguelands. It has small areas for each of the three class specialisations – so we can hope that all Class Halls might do the same.

AcherusBIOne change that might be happening though is that one of the released development designs for the Broken Isles map, clearly shows Acherus on eastern coast. Like Dalaran, could the class halls be a copy of Acherus at a new location? The finalised maps don’t show it there though, so maybe they changed their minds. It doesn’t really have to be moved when DKs can teleport there anyway.

But where else could the class halls have been? One obvious place is:

WoWScrnShot_082212_211013Icecrown Citadel. Now wouldn’t that have been awesome? Okay, the place is probably way too big for the whole instance to be the Death Knight halls – but a section of it would be great. Instead though, we already know that the Frost Death Knight artifact weapon quest chain will take them there. It will be “cool” to see how that pans out.

WoWScrnShot_111509_192051Naxxramas. Okay, it’s just a bigger version of Acherus, but it has to have a mention. So many memories of dying to fire in this place. Happy days *sobs into a handkerchief*


WoWScrnShot_081715_155732It’s got to be Moonglade hasn’t it? It would be wonderful if it was and they gave the place a facelift. I’m sure they’ll be adding a tonne of new Night Elf buildings to the new zones, so some of those could easily be put into Moonglade. A new, HUGE building for the class hall would be nice – or (more likely?) a grove amongst the trees – though hopefully with some nice assets so that druids don’t get short changed. I’d love to see all the non-player races that can be druids walking about here – especially Furbolgs. Lots of Furbolgs and a huge area of Moonkin!

WoWScrnShot_022314_153204We’ve been told that parts of the Emerald Dream / Nightmare will be in Legion – mainly as a raid – but could Druids have their Class Hall there? I think it’s a bit unlikely myself, but seeing as Warlocks will be going to another plane / world, it’s not completely out of the question. I think you’d get fed up very quickly of all the green tint though! (Maybe we’ll get special glasses to remove the tint in the raid!)

ValSharahVal’Sharah is a new zone coming to the Broken Isles and it is described as having once been the pinnacle of Druidism on Azeroth and was where Malfurion became the first druid under Cenarius (though the Tauren would disagree with that!) This would make an obvious location for the new Druid class hall and would save them overhauling Moonglade. The downside though being, like with Moonglade, the emphasis on Night Elf architecture. I’m sure the Tauren wouldn’t be too happy (nor the Trolls and possibly Worgen).


WoWScrnShot_081715_154638As with the two classes above, Monks’ Zen Pilgrimage makes the Peak of Serenity the obvious choice here. As my main is a Monk, my heart sank a little when I realised this. I’m hoping and praying that, if it is, they will at least give us a new fancy temple there – though I seriously doubt it. The assets are all pretty recent and seeing as Death Knights aren’t moving home (unless the home moves – see above) I’d be surprised if Monks weren’t staying at the peak. That said, flying around today to take the above screenshot, I discovered some nooks and crannies I hadn’t seen before: There are areas dedicated to the Serpent (bottom left), Tiger (bottom right) and a Cave of the Red Crane (top rights) – I couldn’t find one for the Ox – hopefully there’s one somewhere. These areas could be nicely used for the different Class Spec areas.

WoWScrnShot_031314_135143Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we went back to The Wandering Isle aka Shen-zin Su. I miss that big ol’ turtle and the Temple of Five Dawns is a gorgeous building. With all the low level Pandaren running around without a faction; and how closed off this zone is from the rest of the world, this is highly unlikely.

WoWScrnShot_022814_140932 WoWScrnShot_041213_133744
WoWScrnShot_091013_223643 WoWScrnShot_100112_175457

There are so many locations I could name in Pandaria – Temple of the White Tiger / Jade Serpent / Red Crane / Niuzao’s, Stormstout Brewery (how could our class hall NOT be a brewery?!), Tian Monastery… there are lots of places that I could happily make my home. Nobody could deny that Mists of Pandaria was beautifully designed.


WoWScrnShot_081715_162547 WoWScrnShot_081715_161925

I’ve included Shamans [I thought the plural was Shaman, but apparently it’s Shamans] in this first set of classes due to the Glyph of Astral Fixation being similar to the class spells mentioned at the start of this post. The Earthshrines couldn’t really be THE class hall though seeing as there are two of them in the factions’ main cities. I do wonder if this glyph might be adapted for the class hall though or whether Shamans can click on the bowl at the Earthshrines to return to:

WoWScrnShot_082012_213723The Maelstrom – which, like Acherus, is one of the known Class Halls. Here, instead, we are left with wondering what it will be, rather than where. My guess / hope would be something very open to the elements – like the Earthshrines or the Throne of Elements – a selection of pillars with a load of elementals running around. Or perhaps a building made of one or more of the elements? A building made out of fire / water / air would be awesome!

WoWScrnShot_050111_182542 WoWScrnShot_050211_205032

If it wasn’t at the Maelstrom – then one of the elemental planes would have been great for Shammies. Maybe they could have taken over Vortex Pinnacle, Firelands, Stonecore, Throne of Tides or Molten Core? Maybe we could have even seen a slice of Abyssal Maw.

That’s it for this first look at ideas for Class Halls – the other eight classes will appear in two further parts (Coming Soon™). Post your thoughts below – where do you think would be great to house Death Knights, Druids, Monks and Shammies?

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2 Responses to Wow Class Halls: Guesses & Desires – Part 1

  1. I have to confess class halls are a feature I’m currently quite uninterested in. Not that I have anything against them, but I’ve yet to see Blizzard explain why this is a feature that the game needed or that I should care about. Probably doesn’t help that the class halls for the classes I most care about (rogue and warlock) have both been announced and don’t sound terribly appealing to me.

    As for the classes discussed here…

    Acherus is the obvious choice for death knights. Druids really should get a place in Moonglade, but I suspect they’ll get something new in Val’sharah. The Emerald Dream is a neat idea, too — especially if your druid never physically goes there but instead just goes to sleep. Maelstrom makes good sense for shamans given current Earthen Ring lore. Failing that, I’d vote for some ancient Tauren ritual site in the Barrens. Monks should get Peak of Serenity — I really hope they don’t come up with some random new place for them.

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