My Quantic Foundry gamer profile

I noticed recently some other bloggers displaying their Quantic Foundry gamer profile charts. It’s similar to the old Bartle gamer profile, though expanded to six categories of gamer behaviour. The Gamer Motivation Profile questionnaire is available online here:

My score chart

My Quantic profile

My gaming motivation profile

When I fill these kinds of psychological tests out I often find it hard to resist the urge to ponder what each option might do to the end results. Over-thinking my answers would bias the results however so I’ve tried to answer everything based on gut instincts.

The results
The results show I’m big on immersion and creativity with a significant slice of social and mastery behind that. Each of these six elements is further subdivided in the analysis. For immersion, the results show me being interested both in story (65%) and fantasy (51%), pretty even.That tallies with my desire both for strong story-lines and something imaginative and unrecognisable from the real world. More recently I’ve felt drawn to The Secret World and Star Wars the Old Republic for that combination of stories and rich setting.

My high creativity score is biased towards what the designers call discovery (78%) versus design (only 40%). Although I certainly am curious about my character’s surroundings when I play, what little exposure I’ve had to true sandbox gaming left me feeling confused and lacking in goals – such a high discovery score is interesting if slightly unexpected. The lower design score makes sense, I haven’t the interest or patience to build and furnish a complex house in a game like Rift or EQ2.

For social the split is even more extreme: 82% community versus 8% competition. That’s very inline with my strong dislike of PVP and even non-combat competition such as racing for a harvesting node. Equally uneven was my mastery score sub-components: I had 66% for strategy but only 7% for challenge. I’ve been getting interested again in strategic gaming of late so I can understand that score being higher and given my apparent lack of patience with some of The Secret World’s more challenging missions I have to recognise the low challenge score is probably accurate!

My very low achievement and action scores are no surprise at all. I really could care less about tick-box exercises in MMORPGs and I’m over action MMOs as something to play as a contrast to the tab-target standard. Gaming should be about relaxation and enjoyment above all else in my book.

I’ve found it an interesting exercise regardless of the science behind the chart. The results seem pretty accurate to me in so far as such a short questionnaire could hope to accurately map my motivations for gaming.

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