FFXIV: time, dungeons and the expansion

We’ve hit a bit of a rut with Final Fantasy 14 of late. The game was very enjoyable to duo up until the last few quests of the 2.0 content. We’ve played a couple of sessions since but something isn’t right. Our log is full of “repeat dungeon” runs as part of the early end-game gearing process. Meanwhile the longer term players are all having fun flying and exploring new zones. Syl’s recent post about her dislike of expansions struck a chord as I was discussing FFXIV with my husband. Expansions are great if your ready for them, not so much if you’re left in the dust.

Spot the only two characters not level-synced...

Spot the only two characters not level-synced…

There’s so much juicy questing content still for us to do before we even enter the Heavensward zones; the Moogle quests, the beast tribe quests and the main scenario quests for instance. This isn’t an issue of growing bored or lacking new things to do.

Moogle quests!

Moogle quests!

The problem rather is I feel the disconnect from the bulk of the playerbase, perhaps in FFXIV it’s not quite as extreme as in WoW or LOTRO where the new zones are the only zones with much activity. In FFXIV you’ll usually find players levelling alt classes up in the popular FATE zones. But our busy and lively guild for the months we were there before the expansion was all about the endgame stuff. Since the expansion’s arrival guild activity is (naturally enough) all about the new zones and new raids. I’ve lived this before, I went through it in LOTRO and SWTOR and Tera. Weirdly this isn’t about a need to power-level our characters as it was in other MMORPGs, this is a multi dungeon-run locked quest chain that stops our level 50 characters from transitioning to the new level 50-60 content of Heavensward.

Perhaps the biggest problems are time and other priorities. We’ve been playing a lot of The Secret World of late plus we’ve now started on Shadowrun Chronicles. Those two leave little time for a time-hungry game like FFXIV. So, perhaps, this game is going to be on pause soon until we can actually dedicate enough time to enjoy it and to justify the monthly subscription.

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3 Responses to FFXIV: time, dungeons and the expansion

  1. Dan says:

    I’m kind of curious on what patch you are on simply because 2.1 is kind of considered the “dud patch” with how it is implemented. People that do 2.2 and up usually regain their vigor and love for FFXIV (not always though). The last two dungeons of 2.0 and 2.1’s main quests are probably the ones that really do need to be redesigned or fixed up.

    • Telwyn says:

      Interesting, I guess we’re on 2.1 then but the time factor still makes taking a break the best course of action. Glad to hear there’s good content to return to!

      • Dan says:

        Yeah, 2.2 is when the main quest stories start getting better and better. You’ll know when you finish a patch because you’ll get a black screen with some vague (or not so vague) message appears.

        Also, 2.2 is when the voice acting of the old cast begins to improve each patch.

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