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It’s been a while since I posted about SWTOR but that doesn’t reflect my play-schedule. I’m still leveling my Trooper happily but I normally try to avoid story spoilers so didn’t have much to post. Yesterday I played a very interesting mission in SWTOR on my Trooper. It’s pretty impossible to talk about this without some spoilers so if you’re playing the Trooper story, or haven’t but want to then best skip this post for now…

In SWTOR you play with one of a selection of available companions. In most missions you have free choice, occasionally the story will require you to have a specific companion (which can suck if you’re playing a super-squishy healer!). The end of chapter two for Trooper however sees you actually playing with all your companions for the one mission.


Havoc squad assemble!

The mission starts with you taking on a hostile boarding action, throwing a lot of Imperials at you in one go. The interesting part is that all your companions are active with you – the whole squad gets to finally come on a mission!

I started the mission in TSW mode (just charge in and fight stuff) because I am so used to playing MMOs in a duo or trio these days. I died in a matter of seconds in the combined fire of about 10 or so enemies because I opened with the always fun Mortar Valley ability. Thankfully the combined might of Havoc squad kept it together long enough for me to med probe self-res and get back into the action.


For the rest of mission I was a lot more careful and did a lot of “avoiding the unnecessary mobs” as there’s a lot of Imperials to kill but many smaller groups won’t advance the mission at all. This mission really captures the feel of being a Republic special forces marine – you get to do some sadly impossible stuff in cut scenes…

Why can't I normally trip and one-shot a 'silver star' droid?

Why can’t I normally trip and one-shot a ‘silver star’ droid?

Sadly you go back to having the one companion pretty soon although it follows the story that different squad members are assigned different tasks (some of which you chose as squad leader). It is a bit sad you can’t charge around with a full squad of companions blasting stuff for you. It’s a story-heavy mission that forces you to use a couple of different companions. Normally I find these a bit annoying as it often takes me time to adjust to a different combination and combat dynamic. This was a bit of a discovery moment as I found out the capabilities of two of the companions that I’ve not really used so far. Hyper-speed leveling has left me very little time to play with different companions.

I actually hadn’t played with Tanno Vik as active companion since unlocking him and he’s not bad – decidedly tougher than 4X it seems though that may just be a gear issue with 4X. That said I find his demeanor annoying so I’m not going to ditch my droid anytime soon if I can avoid it! This mission completed leaves my Trooper level 41 and ready to open chapter 3, the final chapter of the original game’s class story content. Nine levels to go!

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  1. Shintar says:

    I agree that this is one of the cooler moments of the trooper story and it’s a shame that they didn’t use that setup more often. (I think the bounty hunter has one similar moment, but that’s pretty much it.)

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