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Profession-use beyond crafting

In Shadowrun Chronicles there are gathering style skills that allow you to access random rewards or unlock special features on a map. For instance the hacking skill might allow you to open a side door to a room offering your … Continue reading

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Wow Class Halls: Guesses & Desires – Part 2

Meznir here – Telwyn’s hubby. I’m hijacking his blog again for some World of Warcraft speculation. In Part 1 I suggested iconic locations where the class halls for Death Knights, Druids, Monks and Shamans could be (or could have been, … Continue reading

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AFKish for a week

Just a brief post to note that I’m away for a week from today. I have posts scheduled to keep the content flowing for my readers but any comments will not be responded to as rapidly as I would normally … Continue reading

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SWTOR: Trooper level 50 and Makeb v2.0

I’ve been playing my Trooper in Star Wars: The Old Republic, leveling this second character towards the old cap of 55. I haven’t as yet bought the Shadow of Revan expansion to unlock the levels 56-60 that is the current … Continue reading


Strategic gaming options: Star Trek Online

I’ve recently been interesting in more stratey oriented gaming. So spurred on by the fun of playing the turn-based Shadowrun Chronicles, I decided to jump back into Star Trek Online. Back when I briefly tried the game last year something … Continue reading

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Gameplay and story progression

It seems to me that developers sometimes put rather high barriers to story progression through the gameplay mechanics they choose to deploy. I’m talking here about following a sequential story and not character power or gear progression. Take the last … Continue reading

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Shadowrun Chronicles: damage and armour types

Playing lots of Shadowrun Chronicles as a trio, I’ve noticed there’s a strong emphasis on the three types of damage, and armour to mitigate that damage. Abilities do one of three damage types: physical (guns and swords), magic or tech … Continue reading

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