LoTRO to close servers later this year

MMO news that just grabbed my attention is the planned closure of some of the LoTRO servers later this year as part of planned server-merges. No specific servers have been named yet, more details will follow on August 3rd. I’ll be watching closely for the fate of Laurelin – the EU-RP server all my characters are hosted on. Affected servers will be shutdown by January 2016 according to this Massively article.

As I recently posted, I haven’t had much interest in logging into the game of late but the thought of losing my main character (a Champion) if I weren’t to transfer him would be motivation for sure!

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One Response to LoTRO to close servers later this year

  1. Atherne says:

    It sounds as if you would still have your character, but would be prompted to move them to one of the remaining servers.

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