TSW: elemental hack

While running a mission last night in Tokyo we came across another mission requiring some emote-movement skills. That’s a little too soon after the ‘delights’ of the bank heist I think…


On a positive note our dps player discovered that the Elemental skill Flicker allows you to bypass the marble traps completely! Elemental was the only segment of the skill wheel I’d not started unlocking, during play I gained enough skill points (SP) to unlock the inner segements and start towards Flicker. Clearly I need an Elemental build for this type of mission to offer a shortcut!

I wonder if this is working as intended, my Sword dash-forward skill (Surging Blades) does not work for instance. It’ll certainly be interesting to test this skill out on the more annoying pressure-plate trap next time we encounter those.

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6 Responses to TSW: elemental hack

  1. pkudude99 says:

    Well, Flicker is a teleport, where sword dash isn’t, so that might be the difference. Sword actually does have a teleport (Spiral of Death), but it requires an enemy target to teleport to, so it probably wouldn’t work in this case.

  2. Sylow says:

    Oh. Passing the marbles with flicker? Interesting idea, i didn’t come to that. Instead i switch to walking speed. A running character slips and falls on the marbles, a walking character can pass them by just fine, without any trouble.

  3. It actually never occurred to me to use emotes on that section. The simpler solution for the marbles (as mentioned above) is to turn on RP walking. Default hotkey is backspace.

    Actually, you can even just run through them normally. It’s annoying, but doable. Eventually you’ll get across.

    But yeah, RP walking is simplest.

    • Telwyn says:

      Ah. I tried switching run off but didn’t actually think to try RP walking, not sure if I ever have in game actually as non-run movement is slow enough already! I mostly bunny-hopped my way through the marbles, as the moonwalk stuff is too annoying (and my character didn’t have an elemental focus to equip even if I’d had the SP to unlock Flicker).

      • I like to RP walk on my Templar sometimes because the walk animation with pistols equipped is one of the most badass things I’ve ever seen. At least for females — not sure how it looks on male avatars.

    • Sylow says:

      RP walking? So mere walking is RP? Interesting concept. For me the walk rather is an instrument if i need extra precision, rarely as that happens in most MMOs.

      Alternatively, if the switch is “too hard work”, turning around and walking backwards over the marbles also helps. You’re still at walking speed there, so you won’t fall.

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