SWTOR: sharing the love (free mount code)

I found out via two different posts, Larry’s latest Hyperspace Beacon and Shintar’s post on her blog SWTOR Commando, that there are codes doing the rounds for free mounts and goodies in Star Wars the Old Republic.


The code gives you a new mount for every character on the account, the Prinawe Congregate pictured above, plus the mailed reward crate includes a random bonus item. I like the speeder, although it suits my Trooper better than my Consular I suspect.

There was a bit of a delay in me writing about this because the SWTOR.com website was down for maintenance for a while, possibly as a result of a flurry of item claims! In any case claiming the code from someone’s link also then gives you a code of your own to pass on (click here for my code) – so share the love in a Galaxy Far Far Away!

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