TSW: Guardians of Gaia

This weekend we had a quick session of Guardians of Gaia slaying as part of the anniversary event in The Secret World.


Burn it up!

As was mentioned in the comments of my last post on this event, these world bosses have varied tactics. Actually the Golden Golems seem to be a copy of Pitiqtu Nasiru’s combat tactics.

A Golden Golem in an earthy disguise?

A Golden Golem in an earthy disguise?

This event has eight different bosses to kill for an achievement (plus a ninth in the Tokyo zone?), we didn’t even need to checkout the wiki for details on this because some nice player had created a lovely Info pane with the details (see screenshot below – unless you want to avoid spoilers). The Info pane system as a tool for the community to share info in game is a really nice idea!


None of the mechanics are that hard to learn, but having some variety is sure better than the Golden Golem fights that are all alike. One Guardian can be a bit painful to learn if you’re unobservant (see screenshot below).

Following the crowd is a good idea here...

Following the crowd is a good idea here…

Also make sure you’re joined up to the Event channel (this Anniversary wiki page has the instructions at the top) as players are constantly shouting out any Guardians they find and you can often use the MeetUp right-click option to jump to the map in question.

The event offers some nice vanity pets, I’ve got three already in the first try at the eight boss kills. My healer companion even got a purple-quality blood magic weapon off a creature summoned by one of the bosses (Isatis we think), although mostly the fights just reward a signet or two. The fights are generally short so it’ll be well worth a couple more sessions to complete my pet collection!


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