FFXIV: Bard is fun!

I continue to love playing the Bard class in Final Fantasy 14. Over the last couple of levels I’ve unlocked two new area damage abilities that have really opened up some tactical options.


For twenty plus levels I only had Quick Nock which is pretty weak and short ranged. Now I suddenly have Flaming Arrow for area damage-over-time and Rain of Death for a quick burst of area damage.


Rain of Death awesomeness

We’ve not played much these last two weeks as real life has been full of visiting family and a weekend away so it was good to get back to some Main Scenario Quest progress last night. We’re at level 46 and ploughing into Mor Dhona at present and I’m enjoying the building storyline a lot.

I had a challenging time in one particular instanced solo combat, it’s still easy for me to forget I’m mostly playing the mobile and relatively squishy damage dealing class having played Summoner for so long before. Bards in Final Fantasy 14 do get to inspire allies with their songs, but unlike the Dungeons & Dragons class they have no healing magic. So it’s easy for my one self-heal (Second Wind: courtesy of Pugilist) and one potion to not be enough to survive a fight that my husband’s Summoner/Scholar can easily tough it through with his access to the titan-egi pet tank *and* cure spells…

This fight was a lot more challenging than this 'victory moment' shot shows

This fight was a lot more challenging than this ‘victory moment’ shot shows

In the end I only had to try a second time and keep on the move for things to work out better, focus-firing the many weaker Imperials that accompanied this magitek monster was the wining strategy. We’re making good headway again now and have a clear weekend to get on with some serious leveling I hope!

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  1. pkudude99 says:

    Yeah, all the solo class quests regardless of class you gotta take out the weak adds 1st, else they overwhelm you. FWIW, I didn’t particularly care for bard until the mid 30’s and then something clicked with me on it. Still prefer my BLM overall, but I definitely won’t nock (see what I did there?) the bard either.

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