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FFXIV: cutscenes and group content

This week we got back to leveling our characters in Final Fantasy 14, dinging 50 and cracking on with the main storyline that was stuck behind a level 50 barrier. A chunk of FATEs later and we were level 50 … Continue reading

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LoTRO to close servers later this year

MMO news that just grabbed my attention is the planned closure of some of the LoTRO servers later this year as part of planned server-merges. No specific servers have been named yet, more details will follow on August 3rd. I’ll … Continue reading

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SWTOR: Togruta time!

Patch 3.3 for Star Wars the Old Republic did kind of sneak up on me. I’d not been following the game particularly for a while, until the big news of the Fallen Empire expansion just over a month ago rekindled … Continue reading


Does the setting matter in MMORPGs?

At the moment I’m feeling most drawn to MMORPGs with a familiar setting, that is to say an imagined world with which I have some history or familiarity. It didn’t take much to recently drag me back into SWTOR and … Continue reading

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TSW: elemental hack

While running a mission last night in Tokyo we came across another mission requiring some emote-movement skills. That’s a little too soon after the ‘delights’ of the bank heist I think… On a positive note our dps player discovered that … Continue reading

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TSW: a bank heist

We spent the over two hours on a particular, infamous it seems, sabotage mission in Tokyo last night – The Bank Heist (wiki guide here). The mission highlights the best and worst of The Secret World’s gameplay I think. Since … Continue reading

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Social gaming

Bhagpuss had a lengthy and rather poetic post on the subject of social gaming this week. I still read alone but playing MMOs broke offline games for me. Maybe forever. He talks about the social element of gaming at length … Continue reading

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