TSW: anniversary event from 1st July

I’ve just read that The Secret World’s anniversary event will be back for two weeks starting this Wednesday, 1st July. That’s potentially good news if we find the time for some ‘guardians of gaia’ hunting madness as these world boss fights reward a high ability point (AP) rate. We could sorely use them as we start tinkering with the very AP expensive higher end unlocks like the auxiliary weapon and augment systems.

Also this year there will new 1970s themed items up for grabs including a retro motorbike. We’ve not yet taken part in an anniversary event in this game, although I imagine it would be similar to the Golden golem fights we have seen?

The other open world boss monsters we have fought

The other open world boss monsters we have fought

One good thing this time around is that both my husband and I have better computers than the last time we fought an open world boss fight, and the attendant lag monster. Hopefully we’ll have better frame rates this time!

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  1. Yes, the anniversary golems are very much like Blingzilla. Just a bit more interesting because each zone has a unique golem with unique fight mechanics. Most are easier/less annoying than Blingzilla, too, though I’d bring some healing (self healing or a pocket healer) for the Scorched Desert boss — it has a damage reflect passive that can get pretty nasty. Also don’t stand right in front of the Blue Mountain boss.

    For the most part, the golems all share a loot table, with the exception that each drops a different pet (a miniature version of the boss).

  2. Sylow says:

    Interesting. The pets i have from the last years, i guess the other loo (clothes) have been updated? (Haven’t had time to look into that the last days. )

    • Telwyn says:

      At time of writing there wasn’t much detail of the 70s stuff, specifically what would drop from bosses versus store items…

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