Guild content – is it in vogue?

According to recent news guild content seems to have renewed focus in MMORPGs at present.

Guild Wars 2 adds the ‘guild’ back in

The Heart of Thorns expansion will bring Guild Halls into the game allowing big guilds to capture and expand a fortress with various facilities. Lots to do if you’re in a large enough guild to benefit from this content, although it’s slanted towards PVP it seems so not on my radar. Guild halls were a feature in the elder Guild Wars 1 game so it’s no surprise the game is finally adding this feature.

Neverwinter adds Strongholds

Sounding rather similar, Neverwinter is adding Strongholds for guilds to build up and then you can use a special ‘merged map’ mode to battle against another guild trying to raid your stronghold and vice versa. Since this is almost soley PVP focused again it’s of no interest to me. The Neverwinter guild I was in is barely alive now so I’ll not be seeing any of this without swapping guilds and I’m not interested in the game enough to bother.

Final Fantasy 14

Wiki details are sparse so far but Heavensward has brought Free Company crafting into the game, permitting guilds to build an airship among other items. Aywren does have a blog post with a nice description of this feature. These material-intensive items open access to Exploratory Voyages, which function like retainer missions it seems. My largish free company is working on building an airship so I hope to have first-hand details of what this actually means in-game terms soon!

These examples do not cover the standard guild-oriented activities such as raiding of course. World of Warcraft has a new raid in the 6.2 patch, Final Fantasy 14 will add a new raid two weeks after launch of Heavensward and so on. But widening the available activities beyond raiding or premade PVP does seem to be on the development plans of several games that I’m following. Is this a wider trend or just a few exceptions?

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