FFXIV: new jobs and classes

With the launch of the Heavensward expansion for FFXIV details of the new jobs have become available on wikis. As announced the jobs of Astrologian, Dark Knight and Machinist have no base class, but like previous classes they do have cross-class skills taken from a secondary and tertiary class.

Job Secondary Tertiary
Astrologian Conjurer Thaumaturge
Dark Knight  Gladiator Marauder
Machinist Archer Lancer

That’s a pretty mixed-up bunch from my perspective, I certainly got my predictions rather wrong!

Astrologian thus seems to be combining the healer magic of the Conjurer with the elemental damage of the Thaumaturge. Some of the job’s mechanics allow it to alternate between the Conjurer versus Scholar healing styles yet Arcanist isn’t a cross-class here.

Dark Knight ‘double-dips’ on the tanking abilities of the Gladiator and the Marauder – the two tanking base classes of the game. The Dark Knight actually follows the usual tanking-job patterns since both Warrior and Paladin can take elements from the other tanking base class. Dark Knight having its own abilities plus access to some of Warrior and Paladin makes it sound, to me at least, as though it may be a little over-powered though.

Machinist mixes the same class elements as the Bard with Archer (as secondary not primary class) and Lancer (as tertiary). The Machinist sticks close to the Bard formula with only a dose of Pugilist missing, lacking any hint of Arcanist (for the summoning of turret flavour).

The game has moved away from the class->job progression now so the cross classes were probably selected to fill certain ability gaps rather than to provide a specific, flavour-oriented, element.

Once I eventually get to level 50 and have all the Main Scenario quests done I’ll probably be looking at unlocking Machinist to give that a whirl. It’ll be complementary to my Bard main job from a gear and cross-class perspective. I’ll be interested in whether it offers any variation in gameplay though.

Trial with Machinist and Dark Knight

Trial with Machinist and Dark Knight

The game is certainly full, as you would expect, with players leveling the three new jobs. So far Dark Knights seem the most common just from my random observations, followed by Machinists. Sadly I haven’t yet seen an Astrologian in action but then I have a Scholar with me in all dungeons/guildhests etc so until we reach the larger group content that’s not going to happen…

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2 Responses to FFXIV: new jobs and classes

  1. pkudude99 says:

    I’ve seen people complaining that the new DRK’s are a bit squishy compared to the other tanks. But then I’ve also seen people complaining that they’re way OP too. Guess it all comes down to the combo of the player behind the character as well s their gear.

    MCH is currently being called an inferior BRD, so it’s expected that there will be some tweaks forthcoming once more people get to 60 and are geared up so that proper data gathering can be done .

    AST I’ve only barely touched on so I’m still only level 32. From 30-32 it’s seemed to be a slightly souped up WHM, but I’ve heard as you have that as it gets higher it gets to start picking if it will be more of a shielder like an SCH or a direct healer like a WHM and can switch on the fly in combat, so that sounds kind of interesting.

    Me, I’m just leveling my Black Mage job up. Level 54 so far . . . .

    • Telwyn says:

      Interesting feedback. I’m not planning on doing any of the new jobs as a priority. I’d rather stick to Bard and then see which to do after I’ve hit 60.

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