Neverwinter’s 2nd anniversary

The Neverwinter MMORPG has its second anniversary celebration on-going this weekend. Players can login every day from 10am PDT (so 18:00 UK time) for a different free item from the Zen store – press ‘Y’ for the store and look under the free category.

The rewards are one-time offers for account-bound items. Yesterday I snagged the free Neverember Guard companion (a tank type) for my low-level Warlock character. Saturday’s bonus items are some scrolls of life (self-resurrection item) and a bag of holding (a 12 slot bag-space upgrade). Sunday’s items are a stone of life (a multi-use self-heal) and a green-quality mount.


Beyond the free rewards the Protector’s Jubilee event is back, although I’m not spending the time on it this year, I seem to remember it was good fun so if you’re new to the game give it a whirl!

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