FFXIV: FATE parties

Although it is probably old hat to veteran players of Final Fantasy 14, I’ve recently gotten into actually following FATE parties as they tour around a specific zone of Eorzea.


For the most part when playing FATEs with my partner we’ll stumble across one and take part but then move back onto questing or travelling to our next destination. In contrast I’ve actually been using FATEs as one of the main activities to level my Bard job during this week of solo game time. It’s easy enough to just follow a zerg around the zone but I’ve also joined a group’s party to see more of the insider view of such grouping.


Since FATEs are public quests, that is to say you receive credit for taking part regardless of who starts or contributes the most, there’s no need to join a group for FATEs. The advantages though are there. You’re on the inside of any party chat discussions or hints as to what is next so you can follow the group easier. Secondly you get free teleports to quest hubs if the group shifts to a new sub-zone or zone. I haven’t seen whether there’s any unwritten rules on sharing the cost of such teleports, but then I’m sure my money (currently at 120,000 Gil) is a tiny fraction of the wealth many veteran players possess.

Yay, it's not Haukke Manor for once!

Yay, it’s not Haukke Manor for once!

I’ve been running roulettes for guildhests and dungeons as well as both can give a really nice daily bonus to XP. Also running some levequests give pretty good XP and sometimes rewards me with ventures (the currency to pay for missions for my retainers). There is plenty of content to switch between to level new classes and jobs. I’ve read that FATE grinding in group is the fastest way to level. It’s good to do for a session here and there but I can see how it’d grow tedious if that’s all you’re doing for most of 50 levels…

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